2017 Conference

Join us in Seattle, August 23-27

We celebrate our foundation and our future this year with the 40th anniversary of the origin of the Feldenkrais Guild®.

Moshe and a group of new graduates from the San Francisco Training formed the Guild and wrote
the first ByLaws. From the strength and resilience of this foundation, we have grown, evolving into a method that stands up to the challenges of the present and meets the future with ease and grace.

We are “Stepping Forward: Ready to Move.” Join us to explore and share tools in our Feldenkrais® practice and daily lives that help us move beyond our limiting habits. We acknowledge our past with deep respect and gratitude as our community moves forward toward discovery and invention.


World-renowned scientist, Dr. Jaffe served as Moshe Feldenkrais' personal physician. Join us for an evening of revolutionary science and storytelling, as Dr. Jaffe speaks about "How Moshe Changed My Life."


Surrounded by Lake Washington and the Puget Sound, with views of Mt. Rainer in the distance, the Emerald City is the perfect place to immerse yourself in the Method!

Designed to address the needs of practitioners to
move forward in their work and to help the public find practical lessons for moving through life with power, grace, and reversibility.

There isn't a better way to start your morning than with one of these lessons!


From the opening reception to the dance party, join us in celebrating our Feldenkrais community!

We're looking forward to seeing you in August!

2017 Conference Committee

Chairperson: Elsie Sleeter
Keynote Seekers: Chrish Kresge and Elinor Silverstein
Program Committee: Candy Conino, Annie Thoe, and Janice Vincent

Questions? Contact: 2017conference@feldenkrais.com