Update Your Profile

Step 1. Login – Click Member Login in upper right corner of screen.  You'll need a temporary one-time password which you get by clicking "Forgot my password”. Enter the email address you use in your directory listing. Check your email to get the password. (If you don't receive it, you might check your junk mail folder.) Then, return to the Member Login page and log in.  

Most members are able to log in successfully by this method, but if you are not, please email membership@feldenkraisguild.com and we will reply with your Username and a temporary password. 
Step 2. Complete your Profile, Organization, and Directory settings. After logging in, you'll see a screen that looks like the image below. On the left side of your screen, you'll see Points of Contact, and below it, links to My Profile, My Organization, My Directory Options, Membership Renewal, and instructions.

Please take a moment to read the steps below to learn about important choices for your Online Directory listing. On our new website, you have the option to display your street address, and to have your address displayed on a map. Please read the following instructions carefully.

A. Complete "My Profile" 

  • Change your password. Record your username and password for future reference.
  • Your street address must appear in the first “Street Address” box for your street address to appear correctly on the map.  If your business name appears here, you may move it to the next box for “Street Address (Cont)”
  • Please do not opt out of receiving email notifications. If you opt out, you may not receive information from FGNA that is important to your membership and certification.
  • Additional Locations in My Profile are used to store mailing and shipping address, if different from Profile Contact Information. To add an additional location to the Online Directory, see My Organization below. 
  • Save Changes! (bottom right corner of screen)
  • Please Note: The contact information in My Profile does not appear in your main directory listing. It appears in a pop-up "business card" by clicking on your name in your listing. To change your main listing, go to My Organization.

B. Review "My Organization" (link in the menu on the upper left side of screen). This is the primary content for the body of your Online Directory listing.  Information such as your phone number, email address, website and a description of your Feldenkrais practice will be displayed to the public.  Please be sure it is listed as you wish it to appear. Save changes!
C. Complete "My Directory Options" (link in the menu on the upper left side of screen).

  • To select multiple directory categories- press Control key on PC, Command key on Mac.
  • Under Directory Display Options/Organization and Primary Information, check the appropriate Address and Map checkboxes at the bottom of the screen to display and map your street address, city, state, postal code and country. 
  • Save changes!
Step by Step Directions for Updating your Directory Listing. (training video)

Watch this Live Webinar, recorded August 2015, to learn more about Updating your Profile.

Thank you for your membership!