2016 Feldenkrais Journal

Good writing creates a place for readers to let go of their preconcieved notions in order to explore something new, something novel--something that may even be a little scary. When an author deftly guides the reader through the narrative, knowing when to challenge, when to create space, and when to leave, readers finish the story changed. Like a student who leaves the room after a Funcational Integration® lesson, what is new may be sublte or overt, but the words percolating inside of the indvidual can open them up to the possiblity of experiencing a most profound shift.

For 29 issues, The Feldenkrais Journal has continued to publish such writing: writing that probes the depths of what the Feldenkrais Method is and explores how its small movements can radically--almost magically--improve an individual's life. If you want to immerse yourself in the mystery of human potential, immerse yourself in this issue of The Journal.

You have two options for reading the Journal online! Check it out using the online publisher ISSUU or download the pdf. Either option includes the entire print version of our 29th issue, "Aesthetic Experience!"