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Conference Recap

The 2019 Conference was a powerful community building event with many of the volunteers, from CORR to Legacy, bringing material to share with members. This deep level of communication and openness have yielded information and resources for all members. Rolling on the floor together, dancing after days of ATMs (what a feeling!), discovering collegial connections, sharing meals and ideas reminded all of us that in person and live experiences cannot be replaced.  Here are just a few images of the learning and pleasure we enjoyed. Please take some time to read the reports from the FGNA committees that met during the Conference in Boulder.

FGNA Board of Directors Report

Submitted by Fariya Doctor, FGNA Secretary

This year’s Face to Face Board meetings were a great success in many ways. The conversation was positive, cooperative, and forward thinking. As volunteers, the Board has a passion to improve, protect and nurture our community. We LOVE you guys! And like any Family there are challenges that need attention.

The meetings touched on these topics: Ethics, Insurance, Service Marks, Membership support, and Communication.

We also had meetings with the Council of Regional Reps, and the North American Training Accreditation Board.

In our current professional climate the Board is often being challenged by reports of Ethics and Service Mark violations. We work diligently behind the scenes, consult with our Legal Professionals and monitor any developing situations so that we can be proactive in handling them.

It also came to our attention that the Professional and Liability Insurance that covers us needs a revamp. Our ever-faithful Management Organization, Virtual, is looking at this in detail so that we are better protected individually.

Growing our profession and supporting members was a big topic. The need to usher new grads into the profession and create ongoing support for all members is a priority.

We decided to form a group to focus on ways to increase member benefits by creating educational tutorials, how-to videos, and to communicate better in general. If you have skills or ideas in this area, we are always looking for volunteers! Please contact Fariya at fgnasecretary1@gmail.com.

Activating the Feldenkrais Education Foundation of North America is in the works. We have nominated a couple of stars to FEFNA and plan to have a Research Symposium for next year’s conference in California. Once we have more details a notice of when and where will be announced!

We are so excited and wish to make the rest of 2019 and 2020 for FGNA a super success!

Fariya Doctor
FGNA Secretary

CORR Report

Submitted by Jane Johnston

CORR F2F (Council of Regional Representatives, Face-to-Face) at Conference CORR (Council of Regional Representatives) met June 24 & 25th in Boulder, CO. Ten (10) representatives attended: Eleanor Montano and Jim Baker from Southwest/Rocky Mountain, Beth Rubenstein from Southern California/Southern Nevada/Hawaii, Sonja Sutherland from Northern California/Northern Nevada, Katherine Wieseman from Northwest, Oliver Reimer from Canada, Misha Forrester from New England, Jane Johnston from Eastern, Vivian Best from Southeast, and Laura Sebastian from Midwest. Jane Johnston, as Chair of CORR chaired the meeting. In addition to the meeting, the members of CORR volunteered as Monitors for workshops, welcomed conference participants, attended the Keynote Panel, the FGNA Annual Meeting, the lecture by Matt Zeppelin, and hosted their region’s lunch get together.

June 24 – Each CORR member had an opportunity to put items on the agenda. We spent the 1st morning discussing items that we wanted to bring to the Board of Directors (BoD) at our joint afternoon meeting. We discussed the conference, membership, especially trainee membership, liability insurance, new region pages on www.feldenkraisguild.com and building community. We brought these things to the BoD in the afternoon.

June 25 - CORR met in the morning and discussed the membership drive and CORR’s participation, a letter to the trainers re access to trainees, and the regions’ video hosting project. We met again with the BoD in the afternoon to discuss the BoD’s meeting with NATAB, new plans for contacting the trainings, and the new fee structure for 2020 Professional Membership and Certification Only and plans for the membership drive.

Region Reports

Southwest/Rocky Mountain Region
Submitted by Jim Baker and Eleanor Montano

Twenty-seven of us met for our annual region meeting over lunch during the annual Feldenkrais® Conference.

Eleanor Montaño is stepping down as region co-representative (earning a well deserved round of applause for her hard work), and has stepped up, with Nicki Fauble, as co-librarians. (Nicki has the discs, and Eleanor tapes.) Sue Robuck continues another year as region treasurer, and then plans to step down. Please nominate someone (such as yourself) to replace Eleanor as co-representative and think who you'd like to replace Sue next year. Region co-representatives attend monthly Zoom meetings with other region reps from around the Guild and attend a set of meetings before the conference. They also create newsletters and facilitate arrangement of our regional meetings, which often include an advanced training. Feel free to chat with Jim or Eleanor at fgnasouthwest@gmail.com.

We discussed what the Committee of Regional Representatives has been working on, such as a repository of region Zoom seminars as a member benefit, increasing the number of graduating trainees who become members (full or associate) or certified, and considering options for the conference, such as returning to the same place(s), or only rotating location on alternate years.

A suggestion was made to improve online conference registration, and another suggestion to increase opportunities for region members to share ideas.

Northwest Region
Submitted by Katherine Wieseman

The 2019 FGNA Conference in Boulder Colorado is over, but the memories live on in our hearts and minds

Seventeen members of our region were at the conference. Jeff Haller, Tim Sobie and Nancy Haller facilitated workshops, and Marsha Novak and LeeAnn Starovasnik taught morning Awareness Through Movement® Lessons.

One of the traditional activities at FGNA conferences is a region lunch gathering. Typically, it’s a time to socialize and network rather than a time for a business meeting. So, it was in Boulder. We even had a public member residing in our region attend our lunch gathering.

Katherine invited each member to share a conference memory of note. What richness and diversity! Being with my tribe. Presenting at a conference for the first time even if it was only an ATM lesson presented as an embodied metaphor. (Marsha Novak)
I was very happy to meet with the people who form the Legacy Forum. They’ve taken the first steps of learning how we can best communicate with one another in our Feldenkrais community, with honed listening skills and deep respect. Not always so easy when emotions run high. (Vicki Robinson)

Glad to reconnect with Feldi friends and be in community again! Love the beautiful setting of Boulder and the Rockies. Thank you all for your gracious inclusion of our children at the conference. (Rhonda Sobie)

Rolling a longtime ATM favorite: Rolling with an imaginary ball as we studied the link between martial arts and the Feldenkrais Method. Playing on a roller like a child, the whole class laughing in excitement. (Gail French)

So happy to have been selected to present my ‘Augmented Reality & Skeletal Modeling’ Lecture & FI Workshop at this year’s FGNA conference – and will look to make a retreat weekend / advanced training version of it – exclusively for our NW Region – on November 8th – 10th at our Alliant Building in Tacoma. The other conference topic of personal and collective meaning involved Roger Russell’s sharing of the group graduation photo from the original 1977 San Francisco Feldenkrais Training - as part of the recognition moments for memorializing the life of Dr. Carl Ginsburg. It provided a new sense of importance for cultivating the continued legacy of our community - and for its collaborative applications into our future. (Tim Sobie)

I was thrilled to share my ABCs of Everyday Ease seated lessons, a.k.a. Intelligent Fidgeting during a short break during the Keynote panel and 2 morning ATM classes. It was heartwarming to see and hear the interest in what I have been dreaming up for 20 years and collaborating with others on how to take these products to a broader audience. The willingness to listen to and support each other to further the Feldenkrais Method legacy and continuity of our work was encouraging. I highly recommend people plan to attend conference in the future - Anaheim 2020 - to connect with our bigger diverse circle and continually improve our skills and abilities. (LeeAnn Starovasnik)

So happy to have met so many colleagues at conference this year! Thanks to all: Teachers, mentors and colleagues for such great lessons and conversations about our work and experiences. From the classrooms to lively dining hall chats, I am enlivened by my time spent in Boulder and am looking forward to next year. (Burke Selbst)
After experiencing serious health issues over the past year, I found the conference and the lovely setting to be rejuvenating!!! (Christi Colo)
Got thrown by Moti Navi! Yay! Loved being on a Soft Roller in Anastosi's workshop. Saw three Nerds fighting over who is Top Nerd. Learned about our awesome mammalian heritage at the museum with Roger Russell. (Jeffrey Schwinghammer)
I loved the diversity of the workshop offering. Feet to music with a running workshop to perfect our stride. (Dotti Harness-Foster) Studying balance on an OPTP roller--firm, but soft enough to spend quality time on and really intuit what is involved in balance throughout the body. (Shirley Beieler)

I really enjoyed the scope of the topics and presentations at the conference and especially loved seeing so many FTA folks there!! (Mary Short Haller)

2019 Colorado conference offered a fabulous opportunity to connect with colleagues and play as only Feldies know how. Collaboration and learning from morning to evening. (Nancy Haller)

Playing (and falling off softly) with rolling supine to sidelying on special rollers Anastasi brought for his Coordinating Balance workshop, jumping patterns and tossing games (I can’t wait to try with my ATM classes), giggling and guffawing, heart-to-heart. (Katherine Wieseman)

New England and New York Regions
Submitted by Misha Forrester

The region lunches at the conference provide an opportunity for region attendees to catch up with each other. In the region where the conference is being held, it is also an opportunity for everyone to regroup from the extensive volunteer efforts of hosting and to celebrate this amazing achievement.

For New York and New England attendees, approximately the sum of fifteen people, it was primarily a chance to listen to each other's experiences at the conference. Additionally, Mark Hirschfield from the Feldenkrais Institute updated folks on the distinct separate entities sharing space in this historic venue (see https://www.feldenkraisinstitute.com/); Frederic Schjang (who facilitated the luncheon due to the absence of Josh Wolk, NY Region rep) shared information on the various Feldenkrais Festivals he is organizing throughout the country, and Misha Forrester reported on the most recent segment of the Boston Feldenkrais Training Program with Jeremy Krauss. Attendees all spoke highly of the conference and the workshops.

There was a request for more workshops beyond New York City and Boston from those who border the Massachusetts-New York line upstate and inquiries regarding access to each region's workshop schedules. Bonnie clarified that one can only belong to one region, but it doesn't have to be connected to your geographical address. Please note, however, that all members can now access each region's newsletters by going to https://www.feldenkraisguild.com/regions

Eastern Region
Submitted by Jane Johnston

We had a very small group of 4 practitioners – Chrish Kresge, Jim Stephens, Jo Anne Buchanan, and Heidi Menocal and 3rdyr student, Tracy Mulligan, who had 5 days before passed his ATM practicum!! Congratulations Tracy!! We discussed our upcoming advanced training with Ellen Soloway in September and David Zemach-Bersin’s advanced training in October. We spoke about other workshops that we might host during 2020. Everyone agreed the food was great! The workshops were very good And that the conference was quite organized and going very well.

Southeast Region
Submitted by Vivian Best

Our Southeast regional lunch was a beautiful opportunity to learn more about each other as well as share some of our visions for what could be possible within our region!

Some ideas we discussed included: -Mentoring -More promotion to the public through cross-pollinated events -Hosting more advanced trainings and workshops with a specific focus that might also allow affiliated communities to cultivate broader understanding of the Feldenkrais Method (suggested ideas were: Elinor Silverstein for vagal nerve workshop, Moti Nativ for Martial Arts collaboration, Alan Questel, Frederick Schjang for fitness industry collaboration, Jae Grunke for running/business workshop) -Supporting a new round of beautiful professional photographs that could be sourced from the Southeast region -Organizing a Feldenkrais “Un-conference” as a regional activity (there would be a blackboard for signing up to present a topic, and folks would be able to experiment with various offerings (and perhaps also request topics beforehand through an “offers and needs survey”) -Creating a functioning forum where we can talk and share amongst ourselves to promote professional community

SoCA/SoNV/HI Region
Submitted by Beth Rubenstein

The Southern California, Southern Nevada, Hawaii Region had a small, lovely meeting with 5 attendees. We reviewed our advanced trainings, and discussed why members could or could not attend. We talked about ways to make our region more effective for our members, what works, how more people could participate and take advantage of our benefits. Jenna Blaustein has offered to take on the posting of region classes. She will explore alternative ways for members to keep classes current, other than our newsletter. We discussed our search for a new Region Representative. Beth has been the rep for four years. It is time for someone with a new vision to lead our region. Beth will continue to be involved in the Guild, although “how” is not known. We were also very excited to discuss that our next guild conference will be in our region. We all look forward to being involved. Mostly we talked about our excitement at being at conference, the workshops and camaraderie of our colleagues. We felt very lucky to be there.

Candanian Region
Submitted by Oliver Reimer

Our region lunch was kind of short. It took awhile for us to find a place to meet and for everyone to assemble after they found their lunch. The eight of us spent the time with introductions. Present were: Arne Heayn, Rosa Murnaghan, France Girard, Michaela Kreim, Fariya Doctor, Sue Seto, Violet Van Hees and Oliver Reimer. France Girard who will change from trainee to professional member at the end of July volunteered to be region treasurer.

Northern California/Nevada Regions
Submitted by Sonja H Sutherland and Christine Germain

As new reps to the Northern CA and Nevada Region, Christine and I introduced ourselves and talked with people from our region about their Feldenkrais practices and how they felt the region could support them and the regional community. Our region is home to many experienced Feldenkrais practitioners®, assistant trainers, trainers, and soon-to-be graduates and trainees. We gathered ideas and suggestions for how to tap into this wealth of experience and excitement for our work and share it with one another. We shared ideas for how we might create effective community study groups, offer advanced trainings, and invigorate the use of the regional library. We look forward to serving our community!

NATAB Report

News from NATAB – July 2019

Here is our summer update on what we have been up to. “We” are the North American Training Accreditation Board, or NATAB. There are 8 of us on NATAB right now, all volunteers, including 3 Trainers, 3 Assistant Trainers, and 2 Practitioners.

NATAB is a committee of the FGNA. We are responsible for accrediting new Feldenkrais® professional training programs in the Americas, approving Assistant Trainer applications in the Americas, and working with the other Training Accreditation Boards (TABs) in Europe, Germany and Australia to internationally approve new Trainer Candidates and certify new Trainers.

We are also responsible for proposing new or updated policies related to these areas of responsibility.

Here are some highlights of things we are or have been working on recently:

  • We have reviewed five Trainer, Trainer Candidate, and Assistant Trainer applications:
    • Raz Ori (Trainer) – Israel
    • Philipp Unseld (Trainer Candidate) – Spain
    • Martin Mosimann (Trainer Candidate) – Switzerland
    • Christophe Habegger (Trainer Candidate) – Austria
    • Sonja Sutherland (Assistant Trainer) - California
  • We have accredited (either fully or provisionally) five new trainings in the USA, Canada, Mexico and Argentina:
    • Mexico 6 Feldenkrais Professional Training Program (FPTP)
    • Questel Santa Fe 4 FPTP (New Mexico)
    • Motion and the Artful Mind (MAM) Austin Peay FPTP (Tennessee)
    • Argentina 5 FPTP
    • Kelowna FPTP (BC, Canada)
  • A proposal for international policy changes for how Trainer Candidates are approved and how Trainers are certified, plus some changes to how soon and how much Assistant Trainers and Trainer Candidates can teach in a training, is in the final international steps to be approved! We have been working on this since 2013 – whew! The FGNA (NATAB’s Governing Body) has approved the proposed changes, and FGNA is coordinating the final decision-making with the other TAB Governing Bodies in Europe, Germany and Australia.
  • We developed FGNA guidelines for new TABs (which the FGNA Board has approved), to indicate what FGNA will look for in order to recognize a new TAB and graduates from programs accredited by that new TAB. (This has never been clearly stated before in writing.) As the Feldenkrais work grows and spreads internationally, more TABs will likely form. These Guidelines help FGNA to be transparent about what is important to FGNA, and strengthens our ability to support international standards and cooperation.
  • Under direction from the International Feldenkrais Federation (IFF) meeting of May 2019, NATAB along with the other TABs (collectively called the InterTAB) are beginning work to completely review the current Training Accreditation Guidelines (TAGs). The existing Guidelines have been in place for a long time, and are due for a complete “re-think”.

The TABs are setting up an international Working Group to do this review and make recommendations to the TABs, and then the TABs will report back to the IFF on this work. The IFF directed that “The Working Group will consist of one representative to be selected by each TAB and up to five additional members including an assistant trainer, a training organizer, and Feldenkrais trainers representing the various generations of graduates and geographical areas. The InterTAB will recruit and select the additional participants.”

NATAB’s Chair Bonnie Humiston will be the NATAB rep, and we have asked FGNA Trainers to let us know if they have interest to be considered for one of the “additional members”.

  • We are currently working to make it simpler for people coming to work in an FGNA-accredited training program who are not FGNA members/certified, to indicate that they understand and agree that they are subject to the FGNA ethics policies and processes when working in the FGNA-accredited training.
  • We are developing an FGNA-only pilot project policy to pilot test a few training programs for ATM-only Teachers (as in, people who only want to teach ATM and do not want to do FI). We have had some initial discussions with the FGNA educational community on this idea, and we will continue with more such discussions in the coming months as we put this together.
  • And more! But above are some key highlights ☺

So – there is lots going on! If you would like to know more or if you have any questions, please get in touch. You can email us through: natab@feldenkraisguild.com .

Thanks for your interest!

NATAB members:

  • Bonnie Humiston, Trainer (Chair)
  • Violet van Hees, Practioner (Co-Chair)
  • Elizabeth Beringer, Trainer (Trainer rep)
  • Marilupe Campero, Trainer (Trainer rep)
  • Olena Nitefor, Assistant Trainer Anna Wolf, Assistant Trainer Donna Simmons, Assistant Trainer Rob Black, Practitioner

FGNA Annual Report

Submitted by Nancy Haller, FGNA President, and Tom Pappas, CFO

Video of Annual Report from Onsite Recordings. “Power Point Slides”

2019 Keynote Panel

Facilicated by Staffan Elgelid and Chrish Kresge. View recording here.