Was Moshe Feldenkrais the Freud of Somatics? With Matt Zepelin, Ph.D., GCFP

Was Moshe Feldenkrais the Freud of Somatics?

--A historical slideshow lecture and Q&A by Matt Zepelin, Ph.D., GCFP

Date: Friday June 28, 2019 7:30pm to 9:00pm
Location: MATH 100 (MATH Building)

In a lecture drawn from material in his Ph.D. dissertation on the history of somatics, Matt Zepelin will delve into the overlaps, parallels, and differences between Freud and Feldenkrais.

Matt Zepelin is a Feldenkrais practitioner, editor, and writer in Boulder, Colorado. A graduate of Diana and Efrem Razumny's Rocky Mountain 2 training (2014), Matt dovetailed his interest in the Feldenkrais Method and his passion for history by completing a Ph.D. dissertation on the history of somatics at the University of Colorado, Boulder (2018). The dissertation is titled From Esotericism to Somatics: A History of Mind-Body Theory and Practice Across the Divide of Modernism, 1820s-1950s. Having volunteered with the Feldenkrais Journal from 2013-2017, Matt now works as an acquisitions editor at Shambhala Publications.

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