"Sanding" Lesson: Relax Fingers & Hand Tension
Monday, January 28, 2019
by: Annie Thoe, GCFP

Section: Flexibility

This lesson is helpful for finger and hand mobility, ease in joint movement, dexterity, and relief from stiffness. Surprisingly easy, quick and effective-- nice after working, being on the computer or for dexterity before music practice.
Annie Thoe will guide you using this practice based on the Feldenkrais Method® of sensing your bones as you touch your fingers and hand using a flat surface to help clear the tension. Great for musicians, guitar, piano and string instrument players, massage therapists, gardeners, computer, and anyone using their hands.

Annie Thoe, GCFP, is an Assistant Trainer in Seattle, WA. For more information about Annie Thoe’s nature retreats or guided audio lessons: www.sensingvitality.com.
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