Dance Your Life Forward with Power and Grace
Thursday, August 10, 2017
by: Anna Haltrecht, GCFP, Feldenkrais® Assistant Trainer and Movement Intelligence Senior Trainer

Section: Performers

​Imagine yourself lying on the floor after an Awareness Through Movement® lesson. You are noticing your weight, how you contact the floor, the movement of your breath. You begin to shift your weight, perhaps by simply rolling your head or leggently, slowly, and with attention perhaps by simply rolling your head or leg.

You allow the floor to support you, following the sensations of the ever- changing surface areas of yourself as you start to roll along the floor. You can sense which parts of yourself need to press into the floor in order to move and travel worm-like or amphibian-like. Movements from your Awareness Through Movement lessons become a part of your moving vocabulary. You are able to change level and come to sit or kneel with ease.

You may pause or change rhythm, change direction, reach, bend, sway--so many possibilities. At some point, you realize you are not thinking, you are only feeling. Feeling the sensation of yourself in the space, connecting to the earth, pushing, pulling. You are caught up in the moment with your breath coming and going. It is poetry, as images flow in, to, and around you. You can make a complete change in the quality of your movement by a small gesture of your hand or head.

Next you find yourself standing; perhaps you notice how easily you stand in comfort. Quietly you shift your weight on your feet, then you are falling into space, recovering your balance, and continuing to move again. Music begins to play and you are dancing freely. Big steps, small quick steps. Little hops and spins. The joy is immeasurable.

Then you stop and simply notice the effects of your experience. You notice how easy and refreshed you feel standing. Ideas may be whirling inside you and yet you may be standing very still. Now you can consider how to dance through the space, allowing for a gentle recalling of what you know from your Feldenkrais® practice. Where do you activate, where do you inhibit? Push from behind to go forward, down to go up, spiral in to go out, change the focus of your eyes, find power from your center, differentiate your trunk from your arms.

You sense how effortless it is to bring awareness to your alignment, use your hands as a self-touch tool for a better organization of your acture--your posture as you are in action. You embody your knowledge and feelings into full expression. You allow all of these feelings to flow through your movement without the need to name them, you simply allow them to emerge.

You may also pay attention to others, as your connections flow outside as well as inside of yourself. You allow the outer boundaries of yourself to dissolve like a mist; you are one with the outer world, with yourself and your environment, the trees, the air, and all the other movers close by and far away.

This is dancing, the ultimate strategy to adapt in an ever-changing world.

Developing a regular dance practice can be empowering, uplifting and destressing. Dance becomes a kinesthetic understanding of shifting weight and transferring of leaning points, while the pressure into the ground transforms the force of the earth to propulsion into space. The focus is on listening to one’s felt sense and creating personal expression, you don’t need to rely on learning steps.

Allow this to be your experience in my upcoming workshop, "Dance Your Life Forward with Power and Grace," at the Seattle conference on August 27, 10AM-12:30PM.

The workshop will also include self-care strategies from Ruthy Alon’s Movement Intelligence programs as related to dance. We will share ideas that you have learned from your experiences during the conference, and discover ways to integrate them into your dance. We investigate translating the Feldenkrais Method® to dance movements that lead you into spontaneous, dynamic and full momentum in all directions. You will explore the preparations needed to step forward and move ahead through the expression of dance.

Whether you are a novice dancer, or one who already has a practice, you will claim a respect for the love and expression of dance.
You can step forward into the unknown, move ahead to somewhere new, get lost in the moment, find something unexpected.
Take power from your trunk, grace from your limbs, and dance your life forward.

See you on the dance floor in Seattle!

Join Anna on Sunday, August 27 in Seattle, Washington for her workshop, "Dance your Life Forward with Power and Grace."

Check out all the workshops we are offerings during the 2017 Feldenkrais Conference, August 23-27!
With over 40 years’ experience as a somatic educator, dance teacher and performer, Anna Haltrecht inspires people to live fully by finding their true authentic expression. She maintains a Feldenkrais practice at her home and studio on Salt Spring Island, BC, Canada. She also certifies teachers and trainers in Ruthy Alon’s Movement Intelligence programs as a Senior MI Trainer.

This fall she is leading online trainings in Bones for Life® and Mindful Eating. In April 2018, she will begin a new Solutions for Optimal Mobility training. Visit her website for details:
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