71 year old Says: Bye-Bye Glasses
Thursday, July 1, 2004
by: Arthur Demetriou, GCFT, LMT

Section: Vision

I am a 71 year old man. By vocation a career massage therapist--NY State licensed and still working at that. I also drive a cab at night--40 hours a week--for the past four and one half years. Until a short time ago, I wore prescription eyeglasses for distance.

Recently, I took a mandatory eye test for renewal of my driver's license. The examination was given by a board certified ophthalmologist. To my astonishment, the testing conclusively revealed 20-20 vision in each eye and binocularly (with both eyes). Also, my eyes were very healthy, excepting for some age-related changes. How could this be? That my vision could be this good--returned to where I was at 21. What set of circumstances over a period of time might have brought this particular change?

At 21 years of age, glasses were prescribed--full time. I was not happy. I sought remedial measures. A vision improvement method helped. But it did not bring the lasting results I wanted.

Through time, a visit to an optometrist proved inconclusive. The testing was thorough but he didn’t offer an any hope. I persevered, and became interested in vision in all of its manifestations. I scoured libraries for information and sought other sources.

At this point in time, my brother gave me a book, Awareness Through Movement, by Moshe Feldenkrais. He said to me: “Here is the new frontier in exercise physiology.” We did the exercises together and apart. They had a profound and lasting effect on each of us. Sometimes we wrote letters with only one word: ”Feldenkrais®.”

I entered a Feldenkrais training program four and one half years ago. I graduated in 2002. The process involved in this work brought significant changes in my person. But none more dramatic than the return of my vision.

This story is about perseverance and hope. And at my age, with all my failings, I still have hope for the future.
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Mary Hobbs
2/6/2017 12:22:11 PM
What a great story and best wishes to you for more great surprises as you practice the Feldenkrais method.

2/3/2017 5:29:51 PM
This is amazing. I would like to experience this kind of vision.

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