Walking the Earth
Wednesday, October 1, 2003
by: Deedee Eisenberg

Section: Walking

Have you ever walked outdoors at dawn and sensed the earth turn on its axis towards the sun? Try it sometime and see what happens. As we hurry to and fro, it’s so easy to take our steps for granted. But lose that carefree rhythm, and each step becomes precious. Zen teacher Thich Nhat Hanh says we don’t have to walk in space or on water to experience a miracle... walking on the green Earth is a miracle.

Sarah is a woman in mid-life with two grown children. After a disabling bout with Lyme disease, she felt that her feet “refused to follow orders.” Her gait was disturbed and simple tasks became hazardous. One evening she broke her ankle as she walked across her bedroom! Now her determination to stay mobile was burdened by more pain and weakness.

At this point, Sarah’s massage therapist sent her to me for Functional Integration lessons. She made immediate and rapid progress; her feet found their way; and her gait became stable and fluid. “In the aftermath of Lyme disease, Feldenkrais® lessons contributed to my entire sense of well-being. The movements improved my fine motor skills. Also, because I was walking all wrong, it tired me out. I knew I was walking incorrectly, but I didn’t know how to correct the problem—now that I’m walking better, I have more stamina,” she explains.

Walking is a boon for all ages—it builds bone, aids digestion, and banishes depression. It’s a great way to be outdoors with friends and loved ones. When we nourish the neurologic “roots” of walking—integrating arms, legs, chest and pelvis—we take off down the road with confidence and pleasure. Enjoy your daily miracle, walk on the green Earth.
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