A Nurturing Environment
Wednesday, July 1, 1998

Section: Walking

Katharina Tribe was 50 when she came into contact with the Feldenkrais Method® in 1991. She could hardly walk. She had scoliosis since childhood and her spine was all worn off on the right side from a lifetime of compensation. She started the training the following year. A chiropractor said that people with her sort of back usually came into the office on all fours! Katharina says, "No one would even guess it now-- I am my own walking miracle!"

Katharina teaches Awareness Through Movement® in Cambridge, England. Recently, on arrival to teach one of her regular classes she saw an ancient, very tiny lady totally doubled over, making her way towards the church and its adjacent church hall where she teaches. Katharina reports, "I hoped that this little old lady was going to the church and not my class... but to the class she came!" Much to Katharina's delight she was able to lay on the floor and take part in an Awareness Through Movement about flexing the whole body. At the end of the class, the lady reported she simply loved it.

The whole class took the 78-year-old lady under their wing. People who attend Awareness Through Movement classes get friendly with each other. This nurturing environment provides support in a way that other exercise programs do not. Katherina adds, "this story shows another aspect as well... people can join a class whenever they wish."

Katharina reports, "she comes ever since and has straightened out no end..." She asked the student to write something for SenseAbility. The student told Katharina that she felt unable to put pen to paper... not because she couldn't write, but because what she experiences is to her so overwhelming she can't put it into words. She apologized and hugged Katharina and added, "I so enjoy to come to your class!" She meanwhile took the name of all of her fellow students and is planning a get-together. She wanted to cook a Chinese meal for the whole class.
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