Thank You for Belonging to the Guild
Wednesday, September 9, 2015
by: Andrea Wiener

Section: Membership News

By belonging to the Guild, YOU are a part of a vibrant community of over 1,300 practitioners and trainees who are transforming lives through the Feldenkrais Method®.

Are you ready to renew?
If you are a Professional Member who graduated before 2014, you can save $25 when you renew as an “Early Bird” by September 30. (Applies to online renewals with credit card payment.)

Our Early Bird Online renewals are off to a smooth start. Most members have been able to renew easily without assistance. If you need support our staff is available. Complete instructions are available online. Renew now!
Are you a Trainee, Associate Member or a Professional Member who graduated after 2013? Plan to renew after September 30. Regular renewal opens on October 1.
Prepare to renew. When was the last time you reviewed your Continuing Competency plan? Professional Members, refresh yourselves on the Continuing Competency requirements
. By being a member, you are contributing to the strength and the vitality of our community, and our profession. Thank you!
Why do you belong in Guild?

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The Guild has supported my evolution as a practitioner for over twenty years. I get referrals from the website. I learn at the conferences, and develop my teaching skills while connecting with colleagues. My region offers great discounts on advanced trainings. I have grown as a writer by contributing to publications. I'm a practical person, and belonging to the Guild is a logical choice for being regarded as a professional in my field.
–Lavinia Plonka, member since 1991


I join the guild every year for several reasons. One reason is that through our association, I am connected to my Feldenkrais colleagues, and also to that immaterial source of our inspiration and our striving. Another reason is that I want to help make it possible for our guild to evolve and transform. As Goethe said:

Take a person for what he is
And you diminish him;

Take him for what he could be
And you help bring him to his highest goal.

What lives in the work we do is always coming into being. We start with where we are. And here we are.
–Amie Slate, member since 2003

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