Membership: We're in this Together
Thursday, October 29, 2015
by: Nancy Haller, GCFP

Section: Membership News

The Feldenkrais Guild® is the collective of all of us. If you thought that the Guild is a magic cavalry here to organize the business structure of your practice, advertise nationally, save you from the massage license, and provide you with daily students for FI® sessions and ATM® classes while you wait on your stool, you are mistaken. It can’t happen without you.

Consider the Guild as the Feldenkrais® Practitioner giving a lesson. Years of experience and dedication through the established history of Moshe Feldenkrais and the method he developed is the foundation of the lesson. The table represents the worldwide presence which authenticates solid grounding for the organization as a whole. Support of the bolsters is found in the strength of the service marks, and the continued development of the strong defendable certification.

We, the members, certified practitioners, and trainees are the collective body receiving the lesson. As we begin to scan ourselves as a whole we find the ease and the tensions that hold us in parasitic movements and reduce our ability to function. We have habitual patterns, blind spots, and dysfunctions that we have the opportunity to change exponentially with even the smallest difference in our actions.

The lesson begins with one small directed touch which reverberates through the whole collective body affecting everyone. Each individual is dependent and independent of the other and constantly learning to share the experience of pressure and the release of new information. As the collective body begins to move and resonate the distal to proximal individual and joint movements, the strong stretch and the weaker respond with new found potency. Communication of concepts and actualization of ideas generates fluidity throughout the collective.

The Guild provides the needs of the collective organization.

FGNA’s top priorities include:
  • Service mark program
  • Legally defensible certification
  • Public Image through website and office
  • Governmental relations program
  • Establishment of achievable training opportunities for students
  • Expansion of the trainer track
  • Acknowledgment of accomplishments of volunteers and supporters
  • Regional representation
  • Providing a supportive community
  • Educational opportunities  for practitioners
  • International community relationships
I would like to express gratitude to all who have created something from their skillset, and generously donated it to us as tools to make our life and business practices a little easier. These include and are definitely not limited to the authors, website developers, internet communication sites, video producers, ATM class organizers, advertisers, speakers, and teachers. Your contributions have made our practices easier to advertise, be found and bring more public awareness that we could not pay for individually. Through the ripple effect of one practitioner putting up a website, writing an article, speaking to a group, or passing out the website when you meet someone, we all benefit.

Are you sitting on your stool waiting?

Why not begin today to make “Feldenkrais” a household word?
  • Hand out business cards
  • Share with someone new every day
  • Contact a successful practitioner for some mentoring
  • Mentor someone else
  • Form a study group
  • Use the regional library
  • Volunteer to help in your region
  • Submit a conference proposal
  • Write a paragraph about ???
  • Have a conversation and present a business card to someone new
  • Join a networking club
  • Build a website presence
  • Produce a video
  • Give a talk to a group
  • Advertise in a community magazine
  • Offer a session or ATM class to an organization
  • Teach a seminar
  • Say yes to an opportunity to share the Feldenkrais Method
Every lesson needs a first approximation – how will yours begin?
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