In Memoriam, Ken Largent
Thursday, August 6, 2015
by: Jeff Haller, GCFP

Section: In Memoriam

Before his Feldenkrais® training in the first San Raphael, California training program, Ken Largent worked for Burlington Railroad. Ken was a Judoka in Sacramento and strength trained by practicing Olympic lifting. Upon moving to Oregon, he became involved in ultra-marathoning and ran the fifty mile McKenzie River Run. He developed a passion for track and field. While in Portland, helped an Olympic javelin athlete recover his career. I went with him to Eugene, Oregon several times to watch the Steve Prefontain Classic track meet and enjoyed how knowledgeable he was about the different athletes and events of the meet. His library was vast. He was very well read, with a deep interest in physiology and anatomy. Ken was also an aficionado of jazz and had a music collection that was rich in classic albums of which he took great joy in listening to and sharing.


After Ken moved to Bend, Oregon, he had a lot of difficulty developing his practice. He worked hard on his communication skills through Toastmasters and took to teaching public speaking in the Oregon State Prison system.


Ken was a tough, stoic guy. He was sometimes hard to read and relate to, but he had a great heart. I will always appreciate the long insightful conversations we had. I will especially remember his coming to my annual New Year's Day breakfast in Bend, Oregon with his homemade mixture of various berries and pure maple syrup to go with the sourdough pancakes I made for my neighbors and friends.

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stacy barrows
8/14/2015 11:19:31 PM
May he Rest in Peace, Good Bye Ken, Shalom,....

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