2016 Honors
Thursday, July 21, 2016
by: Nancy Haller, FGNA Board President

Section: Community News

Gratitude, appreciation, and thankfulness are expressions we all use. Rarely do we complain upon hearing these terms used in relation to ourselves. FGNA is a membership organization with many practitioners who work quietly in their offices, sharing the Feldenkrais Method® with their families, community, and colleagues.

Your membership organization utilizes the people who volunteer to serve:
  • on various committees,
  • as regional officers,
  • as editors and writers,
  • as conference support,
  • as members of elected and appointed positions on
    • NATAB
    • CORR
    • the Grievance Committee,
    • the Nominating Committee,
    • the FGNA and FEFNA Boards,
    • the Ester Thelen Committee,
    • and more.
They contribute thousands of hours for all members, certified non-members, and trainees. Each year we select volunteers who have moved our work forward in some way.

For all of the time and the passion each of these people contributed, we thank you.

2016 Volunteer of the Year
Frederick Schjang

2016 Trainee Volunteers of the Year
Francine Bonjour Carter   
Seth Dellinger

2016 Lifetime Membership

Jerry Karzan

2016 Lifetime Achievement Award

Elinor Silverstein

Honoring practitioners who have reached the goal of moving into the tenth decade of life is a pleasure. These people continue to be part of the history of the Feldenkrais Method®, working in their practices without recognition, sharing their passion for the lessons with the students who seek the possibilities offered in our work. This year we are able to bring these names forward to honor them and thank them for their tenacity, leadership, and forward thinking which paved a path for us.

2016 Lifetime Memberships

Hana Elter, Dorothea Morton, Jacqueline Ogg, 
Nancy Parker, Edna Rossena, Chloe Scott

Please join all of us in the standing ovation of gratitude to all of these people.

And last, but not least, a special thank you:
Twenty years of FGNA Conference Recording
Zach Schwartz

Check out pictures and videos of those honored on our Facebook page!
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