FGNA's Ethics Program: A Letter from FGNA's President
Thursday, March 29, 2018
by: Nancy Haller, GCFP

Section: Community News

Dear FGNA Members, Certified Practitioners, and Trainees:

The members of the FGNA Board of Directors, the North American Training Accreditation Board (NATAB), and the FGNA Ethics Committee all deeply share the interest that the lessons that Feldenkrais® practitioners offer to the public be a safe experience for participants, and that Feldenkrais training programs be a safe place for trainees.

The FGNA Code of Professional Conduct is clear that discrimination, harassment (including but not limited to sexual harassment), and other unacceptable behaviors are not tolerated within the Feldenkrais® profession.
The FGNA Board of Directors takes our Code of Professional Conduct very seriously. 
The Chair of the Ethics Committee needs to receive a formal written ethics complaint, following the process in the FGNA Grievance Protocol, in order to initiate action. All complaints are reviewed by people who have no conflict of interest. 
Any formal complaints that have been received by the Ethics Committee have been addressed. 
If you are concerned that an FGNA member or certified practitioner may have violated the Code of Professional Conduct, we urge you to be proactive, contact the FGNA Ethics Committee Chair and consider filing a complaint. (Note: If the person is a member of, or certified by another Guild or Association, please contact that Guild/Association.)
Once a formal complaint is submitted following the process detailed in our Grievance Protocol, FGNA then works within the framework of the Grievance Protocol to look into and address the complaint. This process is – and has to be – confidential, supportive, and professional.   
The FGNA Board, Ethics Committee, and NATAB may all be involved in some way when an ethics complaint is received. People on these bodies cannot take part in discussions or speculation in social media or elsewhere about specific cases or specific individuals.  
If you have an ethics concern that you want to bring forward, we do welcome your questions about the options and tools available. To get in touch, please contact the Ethics Committee Chair.
Thank you.
Nancy Haller
FGNA President

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