An Update from the Board
First Online Annual Meeting a Success!
Thursday, August 6, 2015
by: Fariya Doctor, Board Secretary

Section: Board of Directors News

What a great success the first web-driven Annual Meeting has been! 

Thank you to the 90+ people who were present right to the end of the almost three hour presentation.

If you missed this groundbreaking event the recordings are now available online for your convenience to watch from the comfort of your home: Annual Meeting, Competency Forum, and the NATAB Forum

Here is a summary of what was presented by Robert Black, our FGNA President:
  • Acknowledgement of all the volunteers and committees that keep the FGNA engine running: CORR, NATAB, FEFNA, Publications, 2016 Conference Planning, Nominations, Ethics, Finance, and Task Force to Separate Certification from Graduation

  • Awards to Volunteer of the Year - This year the NATAB, Task Force to Separate Certification from Graduation, and Jane Johnston (Chair of CORR) were chosen for the hours of dedication and commitment to helping the Feldenkrais community

  • Finance Report for 2014 was presented by Tom Pappas1

  • Budget and Goals for 2015 and 2016

  • Current improvements in educational and promotional opportunities for members as well as goals for this year

Jane Johnston provided a report from CORR.

Patricia Buchanan, Chair of the Esther Thelen Research Committee, acknowledged the work and volunteer efforts of the committee and their plans to send out requests for research. Stay tuned to her quarterly articles in SenseAbility.

Candy Conino presented a PowerPoint of the years of work the Task Force to Separate Certification from Graduation has conducted.

Bonnie Humiston, Chair of NATAB discussed how NATAB struck a “Streamlining Committee” that spent two years collecting two rounds of input from the Feldenkrais community and developed a report for NATAB with recommendations about how to streamline the process from Assistant Trainer to Trainer. She also presented the Alternate Training Program Pilot Project. 

2016 Membership Renewal was announced, with $25 Early Bird Discount for Professional Members between September 1st and September 30th.

Finance questions answered in "Follow up to 2015 Annual Meeting" article. 
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