A Year of Change and Development!
Friday, December 30, 2016
by: Nancy Haller, FGNA Board President

Section: Board of Directors News

We, as a Board of Directors, made decisions and choices this year to improve the overall membership benefits by defining and developing programs to meet our current environment. Moving forward in 2016 with an Executive Board taking on the responsibilities of overseeing the organizational functions instead of hiring an Executive Director, we opened the possibilities for financial allotments to move in different directions. We spent this year in the first stages of change toward improvement in our membership programs and benefits. Designing our new public website and professional image, increasing our marketing, adding opportunities for trainings, growth in the educational community, and greater clarity in communication are in process and will unfold in the coming year. 

As we are looking forward and ready to walk into 2017 this is the perfect moment to express gratitude to all of the membership who continue to support the Feldenkrais Guild of North America. It is imperative to recognize the members of the Board of Directors, CORR, NATAB, FEFNA, and various committees and groups who volunteer countless hours in service to our membership. We are thankful for the work done by our Portland staff and Virtual management team in Boston who keep the daily organization functions moving forward. 

Your 2016 Board of Directors thank you, the membership for all of your continued support.


Nancy Haller, President

Lavinia Plonka, Vice President

Fariya Doctor, Secretary 

Erik LaSeur, Treasurer

Elinor Silverstein, Director

Patricia Buchanan, Director

Bonnie Humiston, Director

Robert Sussuma, Director

Laura McMurray, Director

Rae Mullin, Director

(This list includes everyone who has served on the Board of Directors in 2016.) 

Thank you to each one for their participation and service. 

FGNA 2016: Year at a Glance

For the first time in decades the Feldenkrais Guild® of North America moved to a new organization and management style. The Board of Directors assumed the role as an Administrative Board with the authority to oversee the organizational functions of the Guild.

The Board of Directors changed policy to replace the Executive Director with the Executive Committee effective January 1, 2016. The Board of Directors directs the Executive Committee, Virtual Management, and Committees of the Guild with guidance and structure of the bi-laws and policies. 

A working relationship between the Executive Committee and Virtual Management is formed to oversee the financial and operational functions of the Guild. The Executive Committee and Virtual Management report to the Board of Directors.

A Management Committee is formed to supervise the staff and oversee the day to day functions of the staff in the Portland office. The management committee reports to the Executive Committee.


2016 Feldenkrais Conference plans continue.


FGNA Governmental Relations was present when our somatic exemption language was challenged in Colorado, Oklahoma. Washington added new language in the regulations regarding the requirement of massage license or a certification from valid somatic practices.

Policy review committee formed to review current policies. 

Nominating Committee formed to search for potential committee and board members for the membership elections.


International Feldenkrais® Federation Assembly met in Vienna, Austria. FGNA sent Candy Conino to present the Feldenkrais Practitioner Profile to the international community.

NATAB meets to work on policy drafts for the international revised trainer/trainer candidate policy.

Developed new policy draft of requirements for Educational Director.

Drafted items for training staff code of professional conduct to be added to the FGNA Code of Professional Conduct.

Policies discussed in the InterTAB and IFF meetings.


FGNA Board passes NEW POLICY regarding “Separation of Graduation and Certification.

Policy stating the completion of an accredited Feldenkrais Training Program and the Certification as a Guild Certified Feldenkrais Teacher®/Practitionercm will be separate processes. Graduates will be required to meet additional criteria to qualify for certification by FGNA.

FGNA 2016 Conference, “The Tipping Point,” is held in Asheville, NC. Patrick Hanaway, MD was the “Integration of Movement into Functional Medicine” Keynote speaker. Wonderful workshops, Feldy Flashtalks, Feldenkrais Film Festival, fantastic party, and the Integration Lounge for all the participants to enjoy. A profitable conference.

New policy adopted! Teaching Applications to the Feldenkrais Method” allows practitioners from other modalities to participate in workshops and the conference where teaching of Functional Integration® and Awareness Through Movement® are taught. A disclosure form is to be signed with each occurrence. 

FGNA will begin plans to close the Portland, Oregon office and reorganize the administrative functions of the staff and volunteers.

Public website image is being reviewed.  Requests for Proposals to change the design are requested. 



Election results ratified. The changing of the guard in a variety of volunteer positions serving the membership of the Guild. 

2017 FGNA Conference site chosen, Seattle University Campus, Seattle, WA.

Conference Committee forming.

Membership Renewal, Early Bird.


Approval of the first Pilot Project Training Program to be led by Jeff Haller, PhD. ED

Working group formed to draft a policy proposal outlining the criteria for the formative assessment phase of separating certification from graduation.

Membership Renewal.


2017 Conference Theme: “Stepping Forward: Ready to Move.” August 23-27, 2017 Seattle, WA.

Membership Renewal, Certification Renewal, Insurance Renewal.


Finishing year with positive financial outlook.

FGNA Board PASSED 2017 FGNA Budget

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Peggi Honig
1/16/2017 5:47:57 PM
As you clarify that the Oregon home office will be closing, is there a location where there is the seat of FGNA or has this all become a virtual dynamic?

12/30/2016 8:19:33 PM
Excellent review. Look forward to 2017 budget being publicized for all FGNA members to know.

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