From the President
Wednesday, February 8, 2017
by: Nancy Haller

Section: Board of Directors News


The past year has seen some big changes in the structure of FGNA. Moving into 2017, our budget and projects prioritize member benefits. 

At the final 2016 FGNA Board meeting, the 2017 Annual Budget was approved. Below are the highlights:
FGNA Budget focus for 2017: Governmental Relations “Our legal right to practice.”
We monitor the state legislative actions that would alter our “somatic practice exemption” language. This language removes the “massage license” requirements in many states. FGNA has supported practitioners in over 25 states--protecting our right to practice. This has included legal advice, documentation, office time and testimony. We succeeded in protecting practitioners in Colorado, Oklahoma, and Virginia in 2016 and will continue to monitor and protect in 2017.

Service Marks Protection of the Feldenkrais Method® and the certified titles we hold.
These marks define our work and our profession to legal bodies and the public.

Communications and Marketing
This is a new budget item that is a key member benefit.

New Feldenkrais Method Logo
This design will be ready soon. Members will have the right to use the new logo on their promotional materials. It will also be the header for the new public website as well as being featured on all future promotional materials.

New Brochures  
NEW Public Website interfacing with the NEW Membership Pages – a Design
 Firm has been contracted, We have received wonderful media from many members (we can always use more, as the site will be updated regularly). Several volunteers have spent the last 4 months evaluating and re-writing content. We anticipate launch by late May.

Social Media
Once the website and logo are launched, a social media campaign will be developed.

Annual Conference  
2017 Feldenkrais Conference at Seattle University, Seattle, WA
2017 We hired an event planning team for conference

Feldenkrais Practitioner Profile
Separation of Certification from Graduation – We are at work developing the assessment process and materials needed for future graduates to qualify as certified practitioners.

Education: the Benefits of Competencies – In the planning stages are webinars and materials for members to access in order to complete learning plans and improve competency.

Pilot Training Programs – as the world changes, FGNA is working with the training community to evolve new training models that would allow more people to participate and graduate. Developing new approaches while maintaining the integrity of the original principles is a time consuming and delicate process.

Communication, Communication, Communication.
2017 communication is a focus of the Board. Communication with the members, the training community and the public.

Thank you for your continued support. We couldn't do it without you!



Nancy Haller
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donna blank
2/9/2017 3:14:17 PM
Thank you, Nancy! and the entire BOD, committee, etc for all the work you are doing to make our organization vital and able to meet the current changing needs.

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