Pardon me, Have we met?
Thursday, October 1, 2015
by: Andrea Wiener, Interim Executive Director

Section: Letter from the Interim Executive Director

Greetings, Guild members. The Board of Directors appointed me as Interim Executive Director on September 12, 2015. I’m honored to serve in this position, and have the opportunity to support Guild members, the Board, and other volunteers in the days ahead. If we haven’t met, please allow me to introduce myself:

It didn’t take long after my first Feldenkrais® lesson in 1986 for me to know that I wanted to help make this work more widely available. I graduated from the Somathematics Feldenkrais training in 1991. At the time, I wanted resources to be available for trainees who would be graduating a few years later in my region, so I started volunteering. (See a theme?) This put me in contact with representatives from other regions, and with the Board of Directors. Inspired by working with others toward our common goals, I was led to join the Guild staff in 1998. Since then, I’ve worn many different hats. What hasn’t changed: my abiding love of our precious Feldenkrais Method®, and my respect for the contributions that each one of us makes–each lesson given, each hour volunteered, each hard-earned dollar contributed.

As Interim Executive Director, I’ll continue working closely with our stellar FGNA staff in Portland, Oregon (Carla Feinstein and Suzane Van Amburgh), the team at Virtual Inc, the Board of Directors, and Council of Regional Representatives, to plot our transition into 2016.

I feel so fortunate to be a part of this community, and being able to continue to serve.
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Comments (7)
jerry karzen
10/7/2015 10:57:35 AM
the board could make Andrea the permanent director if she wanted and have an already gifted individual who knows all the ins and outs and future needs of the association

Meena Narula
10/6/2015 9:26:06 AM
Hi Andrea , Thank you for taking this position to serve our community .

Therese Stogner
10/3/2015 9:10:18 PM
It gives me confidence of a smooth and effective transition, knowing you are serving us in this capacity Andrea. I also have abiding love for this precious, powerful method that I am privileged to practice.

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