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Tuesday, December 22, 2015
by: Patricia Buchanan, PhD, GCFT, Interim Executive Director and President Feldenkrais Educational Foundation of North America

Section: FEFNA News

As 2015 draws to a close, please support the renewed energy and commitment surrounding the Feldenkrais® Educational Foundation of North America (FEFNA). This short video is part of that revitalization.

Everyone who makes a $25 or greater donation to FEFNA by December 31, 2015 will receive a thank you gift of “The Coordination Cascade and the Feldenkrais Method,” developed by Certified Feldenkrais Trainers Ulla Schläfke and Roger Russell.

Roger Russell described the coordination cascade in an earlier issue of SenseAbility, available at

This poster is presented in pdf format suitable for viewing on your computer or for large-format printing.

To make your contribution go to
  • Click on the FEFNA fund(s) of your choice:
  • At “Dedicate the Donation,” enter CASCADE so we know to send your thank you gift.
Thank you for your generous support of FEFNA. The possibilities are infinite!
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