FEFNA Kicks Off the New Year
Thursday, January 14, 2016
by: Patricia Buchanan, PhD, GCFT, FEFNA President, and interim Executive Director

Section: FEFNA News

Here is some of what is happening with the Feldenkrais® Educational Foundation of North America (FEFNA) as we kick off a 2016 full of possibilities.
The current FEFNA Board of Directors are Lavinia Plonka, Fariya Doctor, Erik LaSeur, and me. The Board met January 11, 2016 and took steps to reestablish its commitment to its mission to advance understanding of the Feldenkrais Method®. At the core, fundraising must be an essential activity in order for FEFNA to support projects that advance this mission and the administrative infrastructure for development and implementation.
Thanks to everyone who made a contribution to FEFNA in 2015! I will be contacting each donor soon to thank you personally.
As President and interim Executive Director, I will be attending a fundraising training for not-for-profit organizations during January and February.
The Board and I invite members to recommend people with expertise in fundraising and an interest in the Feldenkrais Method who might be interested in working with the Board. These people need not be Feldenkrais Teachers. Please email Patricia at fefnaed@gmail.com
Research Grants
Coming soon from the Esther Thelen Research Committee: Request for Proposals for Research Grants from the Esther Thelen Research and Education Fund. Support of up to $5000 will be available. The request will be posted by the end of January.
Meanwhile, for more information, please see the 2012 Guidelines and Application. Please note in particular the description of theoretically grounded research and the award purpose section of the Guidelines.
Feldenkrais Science Network

Another project of the Esther Thelen Fund is wrapping up. Administrative improvements to Feldenkrais Science Network at www.FeldSciNet.org are nearly done! This project provided security upgrades and other updates. Please visit the site and become a member/FeldSciNetter. This is a member-driven site and thrives on member engagement. More features are in development. Stay tuned!

Please contact me at fefnaed@gmail.com with your questions, ideas, support and more. The FEFNA leadership looks forward to seeing you in my hometown of Asheville, NC for our conference July 7-10, 2016. Let’s imagine the possibilities for 2016 and live our dreams!
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