Eastern Region: Nuturing Practitioner Development
Thursday, October 29, 2015
by: Jane Johnston, GCFP

Section: CORR News

The Eastern Region of the Feldenkrais Guild® of North America is a vibrant and proactive group of Feldenkrais® practitioners, comprising students of training programs (currently the Baltimore Training), recent graduates, and well-established practitioners. We currently have 110 dues paying members.
Our group’s average Feldenkrais experience is wide ranging, which allows for a great synergy between new and seasoned practitioners. The Eastern Region aims to encourage, support, and foster the professional growth of its Feldenkrais members by providing continuing education opportunities and fostering mentorship. We do this through:
  • Hosting an active and committed forum that offers open debate and discussion
  • Gathering together to practice and improve newly acquired skills and techniques
  • Maintaining an extensive library of materials available for check out.
  • Offering free and discounted learning opportunities for FGNA members.
  • Connecting with members through a newsletter that lists a calendar of member offered classes and workshops.
2016 looks to provide an even richer selection of speakers and workshops. Some events on the horizon are:
  • Moti Nativ – April 30 – May 1
  • Feldenkrais Week – May 6 – May 15
  • Feldenkrais Conference – July 8 – July 10 in beautiful Ashville, N.C.
Some highlights of our past year's activities and accomplishments include workshops led by:
  • Dr. Steven Levine – BioTensegrity
  • Donna Blank and Karen Bradley – teamed to present a Laban and Festival Workshop
  • Lavinia Plonka – “Transform your Posture from the Inside Out” and Developing your Practice Who else
  • Laura Yedwab’s Feldy Notebook online training
In addition, we’ve had enthusiastic turnouts at numerous festivals, demonstration classes, and open houses held by Eastern Region practitioners. Francine Bonjour-Carter, Hannah Vo-Dinh, Monica Browne, Seth Dellinger, Chrish Kresge, Maureen McHugh, and Jane Johnston, among others, have offered programs to introduce the Feldenkrais Method to the general public and held free introductory sessions for several hospital and wellness-focused groups.

If you are a member of the Eastern region and would like to get involved, please contact Jane at fitoverforty@jesed.com to inquire about future opportunities.
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