What's Going on in the New York Region
Monday, November 9, 2015
by: Frederick Schjang, GCFP

Section: CORR News

NY Region eventWhy be a member?
At the last New York Regional meeting, a Feldenkrais® Trainer asked me point-blank why anyone should be a member of the Guild: what exactly do we get for our financial outlay?
I was honestly thrilled to be asked. The New York Region offers tremendous educational opportunities to our members and when I see other region newsletters, I know similar offerings are occurring around the country.
We offer regular professional development workshops where we get a chance to learn by attending or learn by trying out new workshops that we'd like to present to a broader (and paying) audience in the future. I personally taught one on the Feldenkrais Method® and Pilates that gave everyone who attended a clear understanding of how they complement and, at times, contradict one another. Anyone attending left the workshop with the ability to discuss Pilates with prospective clients. Other workshop topics have included: social media, the new Doidge book, and the Biosintegrity model.
Beyond workshops, region members can access discounted web design and social media services at well below market rate through the Social Shoppe NYC. Additionally, as members in the New York Region, we have free access to our extensive library and can, for example, see the Amherst training on DVD. And did you know that we can purchase the Doidge book at a substantial discount to use as promotional tool or gift for our clients!
We also hold periodical cultural outings to museums and other institutions, often with a docent with a background in movement studies. These are offered either at a steep discount or free of charge and they give us a chance to socialize together in a less formal setting.
Many practitioners in the region offer, as a professional courtesy, free or discounted access to their ATM® lessons. The Feldenkrais Institute, for example, offers a discount on many classes and workshops. With sufficient notice, ATM classes at Equinox, BeFitNYC, West End Fitness, and elsewhere can be accessed--often free of charge.
In our region, we are starting a "Coaching Program" where less experienced practitioners receive small group coaching to help them jump start their careers. This program will complement the Feldenkrais Festivals started in the New York Region five years ago.
All in all, Guild Membership is a great value for anyone with a professional practice in the New York Region.
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