Southwest/Rocky Mountain Region Rich in Resources
Monday, November 9, 2015
by: Joan Pacos Jordan, GCFP, SW/Rocky Mountain Region, Co-representative

Section: CORR News

Like many FGNA Regions, the Southwest/Rocky Mountain Region covers a large territory. The diversity of our western region provides incredibly beautiful geography and landscapes. The glorious Rocky Mountains run through all six of our states: Wyoming, Colorado, Utah, Arizona, New Mexico and Western Texas. Yes, we love where we live—probably as much as we love our Feldenkrais® work!
We like to rotate the location of our annual regional meetings so that we can include a little sightseeing along with our learning and connecting with each other. The past couple of years we have met in Santa Fe, NM and Boulder, CO. Our next regional meeting will be in the spring of 2016 in sunny and warm Tucson, AZ. Olena Nitefor will be joining us for an advanced training. Our region plans to subsidize tuition for members.
Practitioners aren’t the only ones who enjoy learning and practicing here; many Feldenkrais trainers and presenters also come here to teach. This year we had the opportunity to host Frank Wildman, Russell Delman, and Donna Ray in Boulder. We are also fortunate to have two Feldenkrais trainers in our own backyard who offer workshops/trainings on a regular basis: Diana Razumny, or and Alan Questel,
Even more than learning opportunities, I think our region (and membership in the Guild) provides a great sense of community and means of support. As a recent grad (2014), it has given me the support to get out and start practicing. Right before my first regional meeting, I had a challenging experience with a volunteer client that left me feeling discouraged about my future as a Feldenkrais practitioner. My Guild friends shared their early practicing experiences, offering their empathy along with support on how to move forward. I find the support and learning opportunities invaluable on many levels!
Our region librarian, Kristen Mylander, has been sorting through DVDs, CDs, books, videos, and cassette tapes of Feldenkrais material that have come into her possession for our region’s library. After checking the quality of the recordings, she researches copyright issues to find out if the material can be lent out and/or duplicated. A complete list of what’s available to loan will soon be available. Another great local resource for Feldenkrais material has been thoughtfully pulled together by one of our region members, Al Wadleigh, who has published free introductory talks about the Method.

I highly recommend joining the Guild, especially if you are a new graduate. You will enjoy getting news from our quarterly newsletter and having the opportunity to publish your classes and workshops in it. Additionally, there are always opportunities to join a study group or hook up with someone to co-sponsor an event.
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