Midwest Region: Coming Together
Tuesday, November 17, 2015
by: Julie Francis, GCFP

Section: CORR News

New Region Co-Rep Julie Francis, ran on a platform of communication and involvement. Her goal is to promote and foster teamwork and the type of community spirit embodied by Shannon Sullivan and the Missouri planning group (see below).
Julie takes the reins from Stacy Grill-Ewing who is staying on as Newsletter Editor and Communicator extraordinaire. She is joined by Mary McCutcheon, who is stepping up to complete the term of former co-rep Alice Brydges. Mary has a long history of involvement with the Guild and is excited about helping out at the regional level.
An Update from Julie
Going forward, we’re making an effort to bring workshops and other events to all parts of the Region. We’re also looking to involve as many people as possible in suggesting, planning, and implementing events so that the Region truly becomes “ours.” This collaborative approach can’t be overstated. There is a role in the Region for everyone. What do you have to offer?
“Mapping Your Bones” with Anna Johnson-Chase November 20-22 rounded out the Midwest Region’s events for 2015. Breaking with a long-standing tradition of holding Chicago area events in the city or the north shore, this event was held in Lisle, IL – a western suburb of Chicago. One of the new goals of the Midwest Region is to spread the love.
Three Missouri practitioners have taken the lead in prepping for the 2016 Midwest Region Conference. A big shout out of thanks to Joan French, Kelly Feder, and Ruth Shapiro for taking the Regional Conference ball and running with it! The team is working on bringing long-time Feldenkrais® trainer Arlyn Zones, to St. Louis for three days of advanced study and community. Details will soon be announced.
In an effort to make events accessible to everyone in the Region, FGNA dues are being used to heavily subsidize event costs for Guild members. Yes, those annual FGNA dues are going to work for you. The more you participate, the more you benefit.
Speaking of participation: the Region is also looking to spend dues to support events and activities other than “Advanced Trainings” and the annual Regional Conference. Ideas for research projects, publicity, community events, study groups and other activities that promote and support awareness of the Feldenkrais Method® are welcome. Involvement at all levels is encouraged.  
Have an idea? Instead of expecting someone else to make it happen, treat your idea as if it were a lesson. Flesh it out. Play with it. Explore the possibilities. If you need a bit of support to make your dream a reality, ask. The more we do together, the more visibility we gain and the stronger we become as a profession.
One great example of someone taking her dream and making it a reality is Shannon Sullivan, a third year student in the current ISSE Chicago-based FPTP. Shannon’s frustration at not being able to find ATM® classes in Chicago led her to found ATMCHICAGO.Net.
The structure of the site is simple and direct. The home page is a chronological listing of upcoming classes/events for the next couple of months - no clicking, typing, or searching needed. There's also an “About ATM” lessons page for folks who want a little more info. That’s the meat of it.
Chicago-area ATM teachers are invited to list their classes on the site, free of charge. Adding classes is as simple as sending an email or filling out a form - whichever is easier.
The intention of ATMCHICAGO.NET is to Help More People Find More Feldenkrais classes, so class listings on the site will always be free. While Shannon would be thrilled to recoup some of her operating costs via donations or advertising, it is not the focus of this endeavor. She hopes this aggregate listing will foster collaboration and synergy within the local community of practitioners, as well as help potential and current clients find a next step that works for them.
Check out the site at www.atmchicago.net, or contact Shannon directly for more information: atmchicago.net@gmail.com or 773-609-4294.
TIP from the Guild: Your certification or trainee authorization allows you to use the service marks in connection with your own practice. Further authorization is needed to publish a calendar or directory. If you’d like to try something like this in your area, contact Carla Feinstein at the Guild to learn more: carla.feinstein@feldenkraisguild.com or 781.876.8935.
Region Reps are only as good as the people who support them. Here in the Midwest, we have an incredible team. Besides the folks already mentioned, we are also blessed to have Marjorie Levine on board as Region Librarian, and Russ Hall fills the critical role of Region Treasurer. Russ continues as a key player in organizing Region events and in planning for the future. The Midwest has long been noted for its “can do” attitude.
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Comments (2)
Victoria Ahrensdorf
3/29/2016 11:54:35 AM
HI! Thank you for your efforts in the midwest! I teach in Iowa City, IA (since 1983) on occasion as I have family and friends there. If I can be of assistance in teaching to practitioners, I am happy to do so. In Iowa City, I also, give FIs at Acupuncture of Iowa if this info is useful. Wishing you all well!

Sister Mario Pavoni
11/25/2015 11:29:28 AM
Julie, congrats on the election as co-rep. I would hope that in the future I will receive information regarding the region. I have heard nothing for about a year regarding events. Sounds like you have a plan in mind.

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