IFF Materials Report 2016
Thursday, July 28, 2016
by: Jenni Evans, IFF Materials Manager

Section: IFF News

This year has finally seen the release of the Esalen recordings, both to practitioners and to the general public. This is a milestone in being able to respond to the request of serious followers of the Method who do not choose to become practitioners but want to hear Dr. Feldenkrais and study some of his work. It also represents another milestone in bringing a collaboration with Feldenkrais® Resources to offer downloads of the Judith Stransky notes which have been the community’s only reference to these lessons for many years. In exchange we agreed that Feldenkrais Resources may produce and sell physical CDs of the lessons. We thanks Elizabeth Beringer for her co-operation in this matter.

We have also been collaborating with Larry Goldfarb and his team on the Lesson Locator project so that the "Lesson Locator" can search transcripts of all Alexander Yanai Lessons. There are direct links available to enable easy purchase of downloads of these lessons. We anticipate its release shortly. Other lessons sets will be added.

Our transcription teams are still working away at the Amherst and San Francisco trainings. The Amherst team has less than two weeks to complete (thanks Bonnie Hummiston, Arlyn Zones and Stephanie Spink) and the San Francisco group is making good progress on the second year. Again we have been able to collaborate with Feldenkrais Resources and will be including the Stanley Brown notes as an appendix to the year two transcripts. (Thanks to Paul Senechko, Brandee Selck and Carolyn Flegg.)

Since some of the Trainers requested that some of the Amherst Talks be made available by streaming – particularly for students who may have difficulty with his accent when they are played in Training Programs, we have had Zoran Kovich in Australia working on these and hope to have some ready soon.

At the last Assembly, we asked for volunteers to sort a large collection of Judo photos that Moshe created. Thanks to Martina Paul and her husband and his Judo teacher, this project is also under way.

It is with great excitement that we can congratulate the French Association on bringing together the first collection of AY lesson translations. It is wonderful to see another Language as part of our international offering. Well done Vladimir, Bruno and Joelle!

We have some recordings of lessons in French that we are working to prepare for addition to the catalogue and videos of Gaby Yaron giving FI® lessons that need a volunteer to watch and write a short description for each lesson.

There have been more than thirty requests this year for the use of photos and images. In order to make it easy for Associations and practitioners to access the high resolution versions of the Modern photo collection, these have been loaded onto the IFF Distribution Center site so they can be directly downloaded. There is no fee to do this and many people have taken advantage of this. We do have a “Please consider donating towards the cost of making this available” button, but it has not been used so far.

Other people purchasing materials from the Distribution centre have made donations however.

Others requesting use of images have included people working on television programs, documentaries, magazines, books, displays, doctoral thesis writers and others promoting or describing the Feldenkrais Method®. We have been particularly please to make video and photo images available to Dr. Norman Doige to use in his speaking tours around the world recently.

The increasing interest in our work and demand for high resolution images has highlighted the fact that many photos were originally scanned in low resolution and are not available in high resolution. We need to call everyone who has original photos to make a good scan and send them to us so we can share them. We have a big library of portraits but only in poor quality.

We continue to work with the Feldenkrais Family to sort out remaining materials and ensure that the legacy is preserved and shared.

The Materials Committee has met every couple of months by Skype to deal with general policy and management decisions but does need additional Members to function well. Anyone with an interest in working with the Materials would be welcome We thanks Wolfgang Säckl for his time as IFF Board liaison.

It is now five years since the decision was made to appoint a Materials Manager and I believe this has been a good decision – making possible the support and liaison between the various people involved in using and working with our Materials. I have decided that it is time for me to step down and concentrate on other aspects of my Feldenkrais Life and am pleased that Kai Schapper has been appointed to take on this role from July 2016. I wish him well in this position.
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Prisca Winslow
7/29/2016 1:26:41 AM
Thank you Jenni and All who have contributed to these projects!

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