Carol Pinto, In Memoriam
Wednesday, April 20, 2016
by: Beth Rubenstein, MS, PT, GCFP

Section: Practitioner Spotlight

Carol Pinto died on Thursday, March 31st, at her home is Silver Lake, surrounding by family and friends who loved her. Carol was my friend, a very dear friend, mentor, and teacher. She embodied the word “grace.” She was smart, intuitive, and gentle. Carol was a wonderful presence in my life and also in our Feldenkrais community.
I first met Carol, who’d attended the Amherst Training, when I was in my Feldenkrais training, during a walk that Ralph Strauch held in the Santa Monica Mountains. I did not speak to her much that day, but I sensed her gentleness.
I met her again when she brought Madga Gerber, founder of Resources for Infant Educarers (RIE), to our training. Carol was one of Magda’s first students. Magda actually got her start in Los Angeles, teaching the RIE Method in Carol’s garage. Soon after that I took the RIE Foundations class, where Carol was a mentor teacher. She had such a strong sense of infant development, behavior, and movement. Carol had been a Montessori teacher before studying RIE and the Feldenkrais Method.
I attended her RIE infant/baby class with my first daughter. What a wonderful, nonjudgmental teacher she was. She had a way of instilling confidence in a new mother, while modeling parenting behaviors with the infants. She talked about the “gift of time” that we could give our children, time to move, to develop, to be themselves, to be competent. A foundation of the RIE Method is respect; Carol was one of the most respectful people I have ever known.
We became friends and colleagues, but she was always a mentor and teacher to me. She would come to my studio to observe me with a baby. When she said that she wanted to learn how I blended the RIE approach with the Feldenkrais Method, I laughed inwardly because there was never a time when I was with her that I did not learn from her. We taught a workshop together at the RIE conference and I was honored to teach with her.
Carol greatly respected my time. Almost every time we got together, she drove the hour across town to come to me. She said that she knew that I was busy.
When my second daughter was placed in my home, I was caught a bit off guard. I had nothing for a new born. I went to my RIE class (with my one year old) and cried. I was so overwhelmed. A few days later, who appeared at my house, but Carol, with a car full of clothes and baby items. She brought a baby blanket and taught me how to wrap Hannah like a burrito.
I wish that Carol had the gift of “a little more time,” but I do cherish the time I spent with her. I attended her funeral and the Shiva at her home on Friday. Many, many people loved her and will miss her quiet, gentle, caring way.
Rest in peace Carol Ann Brodovsky Pinto.
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Cathy Paine
4/21/2016 4:12:17 PM
Beautiful, Beth! A lovely loving tribute. Thank you.

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