Dennis's Message about the Future of our Work
Thursday, December 22, 2016
by: From FGNA President, Nancy Haller

Section: Practitioner Spotlight

Dennis was deeply committed to the integrity of Moshe's teaching. When this year's Legacy group met, he sent the following message, which really applies to all of us.

“Regarding a message... each one of us finds our unique affinity to the work and that leads to taking trainings, practicing and endeavoring to bring others to finding their own unique affinity. For any number of reasons that affinity can get occluded and we lose something very vital. But it is never lost if we recognize it and live out of it and set up the conditions for others to realize. If our pedagogy does not foster that first and foremost then the work becomes just another mind numbing job. Can we build something which cherishes each person's deepest connections to one's self? And gives them a venue to make a life from that? If so we will live long and prosper." Otherwise...” Dennis
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Aliza Stewart
12/28/2016 6:38:58 PM
Exactly. The only legacy of Moshe's work are the people who are willing to keep looking for awareness, for discoveries and for ways to allow others to do the same. It is the means by which to do this, that need to be shared and discussed, not which masks to put on the work in order to make it fit the prevailing conventions.

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