Dennis: A Life of Serious Inquiry
Thursday, December 22, 2016
by: Ned Dwelle

Section: Practitioner Spotlight

For me, Dennis embodies a quality of "serious inquiry" which set a standard for all of us who were inspired by Moshe with "his passion, his knowledge and his creative fire." Dennis lived this driving force in an honesty which has inspired me these many years.

I am moved again remembering the exquisite irony of Dennis's "beginner's mind" and the sense of belonging to the innocence and forth-rightness of our days with Moshe: In a letter Dennis revealed "our group was the only one where I knew then and know now that I wasn't alone."

Dennis and I once wrote about having had "visions of enlightenment" as we started our journey with Moshe and of the transformation of ourselves and of this vision since those beginnings; Dennis assured me that we need not fret about whether we had "made it or not." As he says and shows, this quest got replaced by the "dangers of serious inquiry."
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