Dennis: A Remembrance
Thursday, December 22, 2016
by: Russell Delman, Founder, The Embodied Life School

Section: Practitioner Spotlight

I love Dennis, he lives strongly in my heart in various ways:
  • His story telling - always at his fingertips was an engaging, often detailed and invariably engaging, humorous and impactful tale. These came from his life, his voluminous reading, and his absolute LOVE of gossip.
  • Sharing our meditation practice, based in different Buddhist traditions, was a joy. This was sacred to both of us -- not-sacred in a careful, reverent way -- we both disdained phony spirituality yet thrived on the nectar of the real thing.
  • Dennis was rigorous intellectually and disdained superficial, one-sided thinking. I remember discussing the challenge of getting Feldenkrais trainees to include "paradoxical thinking" as they were learning the work. With a hysterical look of exaggerated effort, he held both hands to his head, screwed up his face like someone being tortured and said: "thinking, thinking, oh it is so painful to think, stop it, stop it!"
  • Dennis loved Maria deeply, their relationship was a joy to behold. I helped them meet when Dennis took over my Functional Integration practice during one of my long teaching tours. Later, when Maria was in our New York FPTP, we took a long walk and spoke about her getting into a relationship with Dennis. I was concerned and protective because in the early days, say 1975-1985, I must have met, without exaggeration ten women, all of whom would swoon when I mentioned Dennis' name. He was incredibly popular. Well, as we now know, he finally met the love of his life.
  • Dennis gave me a great gift in his support for my movement from leading Feldenkrais trainings to creating The Embodied Life School. He thought these ways of integrating meditation and attention to feelings was a helpful step for Moshe's teachings. He saw the Feldenkrais Method from a very large view. While some colleagues questioned this direction, he felt excited and supportive of each step. We had many exciting conversations about the range and depth of Moshe's vision. THANK YOU, Dennis
  • Mostly I will miss laughing together at the absurdities of life. Without becoming cynical and in open-hearted ways, we would both hold the irony of this life that we shared and loved. I will miss you my friend........
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12/28/2016 8:03:23 PM
Thank you Russell.... so very well said. I cannot imagine what a loss this is for you, not to be able to have those soulful talks with Mark Reese and now Dennis. ❤️💞

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