Dennis: An Interview
Thursday, December 22, 2016
by: Ethan Cowan

Section: Practitioner Spotlight

Dennis Leri was one of the important teachers in my life and he died last week. Last year we recorded this conversation at his house in San Rafael. It's not edited. We cover a whole range of topics - recordings, memory, posterity among them. Now seems like an appropriate time to share it. I'm so grateful to have encountered him.

Ethan interviewed Dennis at his house in San Rafael, CA in March of 2015. You can listen to that conversation at:
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Comments (2)
1/27/2017 7:22:17 PM
Thank you! Please, I wonder if you would know the author Dennis mentions - a Gurdjieff follower - it sounded like "arogers". Also, Dennis mentions "S connotation"? I could not find anything on it, don't know how to spell it. Thanks a lot!

12/30/2016 7:09:05 PM
Ethan: Thanks for sharing this interview. Dennis was always special and spiritual and a phone call away. I love him dearly.

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