Our Community shares Memories of Dennis
Tuesday, December 27, 2016

Section: Practitioner Spotlight

Dennis with his wife, Maria. Picture provided by Deborah Bowes.

From Robert Sussuma:

Dear Dennis (Teacher/Not Teacher),
Your ATMs, like poetry. 
Your FIs, like gentle, penetrating rain. 
Your talks, like smoke swirling - seeming to go nowhere, and everywhere all at once. 
Your presence like, well…true presence.
Thank you for keeping secrets and leaving things open-ended.
Thank you for showing us that being intellectual need not be at odds with being embodied and creative.
Thank you for reminding us, over and over, that we can “do the method” in so many ways.
Thank you for making the simple complex and the complex simple.
Thank you for showing us how we can get anywhere from anywhere - especially C7 and the feet. 
Thank you for brining us closer to the 5 lines/the 5 lines closer to to us.
Thank you for being humorous without being silly, for laughing with your eyes.
Thank you for letting us know that we weren’t just part of a process, but that we were the process itself.
Thank you for never really answering our questions (at least directly).
Thank you for your touch, the loud whisper. 

You will live on in all of our nervous systems and all of the nervous systems we ever encounter.
(Yes, yes…We can hear you say it: “I've never sat down next to a nervous system on the bus. Have you?")
You will live on in our teaching/not teaching. 
You will live on in all of the open spaces that you created in this world... 
Or, as you would say… “or not.”

With gratitude,
Robert Sussuma
Student/Not Student, one of so many…
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Helena Berger-Heppner
12/28/2016 8:15:00 PM
I am moved nd inspired by this memorial

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