Trainer Creates Unique Opportunity for Practitioners to Mentor
Wednesday, February 15, 2017
by: Guild staff

Section: Professional Develpment

Feldenkrais® Trainer Diana Razumny has created a unique opportunity for practitioners to gain mentoring experience. She’s pairing current practitioners with incoming trainees to help shepherd them through her Santa Fe 6 Training, which begins in April and ends in 2020. You don’t need to be a seasoned practitioner to take part; everyone has something to share!
What are the benefits of participating?
  • You can attend a 4-day workshop for free.
  • You’ll receive free audio downloads to help your trainee study the training materials.
  • You’ll receive a synopsis of the training, including handouts and all media links given during the training.
  • You’re invited to visit one week every year of the training for free.
  • And last, but certainly not least: similar to parents seeing the world fresh through their child’s eyes, you’ll get to revisit the wonder and inspiration that comes with taking a training.
Diana’s original inspiration for this program was to have the trainees coming into training with a deeper understanding of the journey they are embarking upon. The benefits to the trainee is obvious, to have a study buddy following along in their process, someone to talk to and get support from during time between segments. Yet, it’s also an amazing opportunity for all practitioners—especially those interested in becoming an Assistant trainer or trainer.

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Comments (11)
Jan Kingston
2/20/2017 2:50:45 PM
Hi Diane, I am interested, but have a few questions. The description above says that we would attend one week every year for free--are we required to attend more than that, but not for free, or is the mentoring just for one week a year of the training? Do you have any more information on what is involved in the mentoring? Sitting by the person? Keeping in touch between sessions? Other meetings with you with other mentors? What are the dates of your training that you have in mind for us to mentor? Looking forward to more information. Warmly, Jan Kingston

Leslie Schwartzman
2/20/2017 1:49:35 PM
Diana - interesting idea. I'd like to know more. Please clarify practitioners' financial commitment.

Joan Clapper
2/18/2017 9:58:28 PM
I am interested in helping with mentoring for next Santa Fe.

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