Making the Easy, Elegant:
The Ins & Outs of Online Scheduling
Thursday, January 18, 2018
by: Rob Black, GCFP

Section: Professional Develpment

Here's a hard, cold fact: if you aren’t yet employing an online scheduling system, you are losing students. Why? Well, now, more than ever, people don’t want to bother with the back and forth of trying to make an appointment. They don’t want to pick up the phone. They don’t want to send an email. They want instant. They want to be able to schedule with you at five in the morning, or eight at night, or whenever their schedule allows.

Of course, offering online scheduling benefits you as well as your students. Booking online means no more lengthy voice messages or rounds of phone tag. And not only can students book appointments, but they can also cancel and reschedule with ease. You can even require that a fee is paid if they cancel within so many hours of the appointment!

Take control of your time! If you don't have a clear idea of your time or your appointment schedule doesn’t work for you, then read this short article on taking control of your time.

When you are clear on your time for your students, the online scheduling system will be a breeze.

The online tool is a way to set a "winning" schedule -- for you and your students.

If you’re thinking, “Great, but which one,” keep reading!

Common Features of online scheduling systems:
  • Students see only the schedule of offerings that are open
  • Students choose their time and then register, giving you basic contact information.
  • You can add additional questions (forms) for students to complete
  • The system can send a reminder email or text -- this significantly reduces no-shows
  • Payment options
  • Follow-up email or text
  • Appointments show up on your Google calendar, and sometimes other calendar tools.
  • Interface with your marketing tools
Check out some of the more popular online systems. On the left is the name of the scheduling software, then the price per month if you don't commit to an annual plan. We have linked to reviews so that you can see what two sites said about each system.
Service Price/month
    Summary Search Page
1 Acuity
TimeTap $29.95 2 TimeTap
SetMore $25 3 Setmore
Appointy $29.99 4 Appointy
FlexBooker $49 5 FlexBooker
MindBody Online $125 6 MindBody
SquareUp $30 7  
Appointlet $15 8 Appointlet
BookedIn $29 9 BookedIn
EZ Net Scheduler $34.95 10 EZ Net Scheduler

Want to see what your students' experiential process might look like? Click here.

Using an online system is like hiring a full-time assistant for as little as $15/month! Your students get the ease they desire and the reminders they need, and you’re free to focus on what you do best: teaching the Feldenkrais Method! So, if you haven’t yet, begin exploring your options! Once you experience how easy it is, you’ll likely regret not taking the leap sooner!

Rob Black, a practitioner in Calgary, Canada, has volunteered in many roles within the Feldenkrais community, locally and internationally, starting in 1994, including starting and editing the first 12 issues of SenseAbility. Other areas of interest include connecting practitioners with low-cost technology and using technology to increase the ease of developing and maintaining a practice, hence this article!
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Comments (2)
Maria Bacha
1/22/2018 3:50:12 PM
Two other systems that are worth looking at:

Schedulista - Small seattle company you can call up directly for help. Option to embed Service description and scheduling into your website very easily.

JaneApp - offers scheduling, excellent charting and billing options.

Chrish Kresge
1/20/2018 8:38:19 PM
Thanks, Rob! Great article, and I so agree that having a scheduling app changes your practice completely. I use Full Slate and I am fairly happy with it, though it is not without glitches.
Hope your foot is mending.

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