Exploring the Art of Professional Discourse
Join the Passing the Torch Legacy Forum for this Unique Master Class
Wednesday, July 18, 2018
by: Legacy Forum Committee

Section: Professional Develpment

The Legacy Forum is looking to more than “pass the torch,” we want to light many other torches into the future.
The Passing the Torch Legacy Forum began in 2015 with a gathering of members of the educational community to explore, with a facilitator, the critical issues facing the future of our work. Some of those critical issues included the difficulties in becoming a Trainer, the role of Assistant Trainers, poor peer communication patterns, and the lack of evaluation of training programs or exploration of other possible models. As the torch is being passed to a new generation of Feldenkrais® teachers, we found that we shared an urgent concern to meet with past, present and future Trainers, Assistant Trainers and others who participate in the Feldenkrais Method® training process. Previously, there had been no gathering of the training community in North America for close to 17 years!

We are committed to passing a positive legacy to future generations, finding ways to ensure competent and confident educational staff and practitioners, becoming more inclusive and furthering the development of the profession in the eyes of the public. The Legacy Forum is looking to more than “pass the torch,” we want to light many other torches into the future.

One exciting outcome has been the commitment to nurturing a culture of professional dialogue. This demands of us regular professional discourse among colleagues, opening a rewarding avenue for learning. We are extending an invitation for the broader community of Feldenkrais professionals to explore this process with us at the upcoming 2018 Feldenkrais Method Conference during "Master Class: Successful Professional Discourse."

Donna Blank, David Zemach-Bersin, and Ruthy Alon will each give an FI® lesson to a participant, whose name is drawn from a hat. Afterward, the observers may ask open-ended questions about what excited their curiosity in a collegial environment. Magic emerges in the dialogue of participants and lesson givers in this kind of supportive learning space. As a group we discover: 

• What are open-ended questions?
•  How can they further professional and personal development?
•  What do you see? 
•  What questions do your observations engender?
•  What can you learn from your own questions?
•  What can we learn from each other in this process? 

The Legacy Forum: What is it?

We are a creative ‘think tank’ not an arm of the Feldenkrais Guild® of North America.

We are a gathering of members of the educational community: Trainers, Assistant Trainers, members of the NATAB, and members of the FGNA Board exploring issues challenging to the future of our profession and professional community:

•  Creating a culture of professional dialogue
•  Recognizing the Feldenkrais Method as a profession
•  Raising/transforming the public image of the Feldenkrais Method
•  Acknowledging the contributions of the practitioner membership
•  The difficult pathways to trainer 
•  Development of alternative training protocols

The forum has met once a year since 2015 with our facilitator Wolfgang Looss*
. Our 4th meeting is at the end of November 2018. Acknowledging thorny issues and our growing pains has led us toward a method of professional discourse. A deep learning environment emerges for passing the vibrant legacy of Moshe Feldenkrais to future generations. 

Join us on this path by attending this workshop!

(Open to all practitioners and 4th-year students.)

The Passing the Torch Legacy Forum Committee: Donna Blank, Liza Weaver Brickey, Alice Friedman, Jeff Haller, Anna Johnson-Chase, Margot Schaal, and Roger Russell.

*Dr. Wolfgang Looss has provided management training, coaching and organizational development consultation to private corporations, multi-national firms, non-profit, organizations for over thirty years. He is a popular speaker at conferences and seminars in the field of change management. He has authored and co-authored books and articles in organizational development, executive coaching, human resources development, school development, teachers training.

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donna blank
7/21/2018 5:22:29 PM
The photo was taken at the last annual Legacy gaathering at Garrison Institute in New York, and includes all members of the Legacy committee as well as the participants at that meeting.

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