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Tuesday, September 18, 2018
by: Ira Feinstein, MFA

Section: Professional Develpment

In Touch Editor, Ira Feinstein recently had the opportunity to sit down with the International Feldenkrais® Federation Distribution Center's Board of Directors, Jenni Evans, Janice Vincent, and Marcela Bretschneider to find out more about the IFF DC.
Ira Feinstein: Could you tell us a little bit about the history of the International Feldenkrais Federation Distribution Center, or IFF DC?
Jenni Evans: Some years ago, the IFF,  the organization comprised of Feldenkrais member organizations from around the world, decided that it would be good to have an organization dedicated to selling the materials we've inherited from Dr. Moshe Feldenkrais and his family. The Distribution Center's job is to take those materials and change them into formats that are accessible to Feldenkrais trainees and practitioners around the world. Today, we offer numerous source materials that are useful for those of us studying the work, such as Alexander Yanai lessons, the Amherst training materials, the San Francisco training materials, as well as one-off workshops that Feldenkrais taught.
IF: Where can people go to find these resources?
JE: Our website is now combined with the main IFF website, so if you go to feldenkrais-method.org and look in the materials area, you'll find the whole range of products. It's important to note that because these materials are available primarily for practitioners and trainees, you need to register on the site and log in, but it's easy to do.  
IF: What can people expect to find there?
JE: There are a number of free product on that site, including photos of Feldenkrais and modern images that are useful for people to use in their brochures, websites, and other promotional materials. We also have modern videos that show different applications of the Method that are great for people to put on their websites. Besides free promotional materials, there are free study and historical materials. You can listen to Feldenkrais teaching in several different languages.
IF: What are some of the changes that the IFF DC has made in terms of making materials available?
Janice Vincent: We've really improved our processing system over the last three years. You can now download individual AY lessons! In the past, you had to purchase an entire printed transcript, which typically contained fifty lessons. We're thrilled to be able to offer practitioners and trainees this sort of flexibility.
IF: At this point has, how many more materials does the IFF DC have to make available? 
JE: We tend to think that we've got it all, but in fact we keep discovering interesting workshops, lessons, talks, and lectures, that were broadcast in various countries while Feldenkrais was around, but the big area for growth is in translating the materials into languages other than English so that our colleagues in other countries can also have access to materials. 
IF: What's projects are the IFF DC working on right now?
JE: There are a couple of projects that are in the pipeline now, including completing the transcription of the Amherst and San Francisco 
trainings, which are nearly done. The other big projects coming up in the next few months include taking some of the lectures from Amherst and making them available as standalone products. We're also working on a project to add subtitles to the Amherst Functional Integration® videos of Feldenkrais working with various people--which are one of the free materials people can access on the site. There's a group of Spanish speakers, mainly in Argentina, who are capturing what he says in those lessons and translating it into Spanish so that they can be subtitled. The other big project is that we now have the rights to the book, The Master Moves, and we'll be making it available for purchase as both an ebook and in hard copy.
IF: So, these items are available to Guild members because they're a member of FGNA and FGNA is a member of the IFF, correct?
JE: Yes, and they're available to Guild members at a 10% discount. Each Guild is allocated a discount code each year, which they pass on to their members. The 2018 code for FGNA members is 10fgna9264.
IF: Which is a wonderful benefit.
JV: It is. And it's important to be aware that every time someone buys something from the IFF DC, that purchase helps the whole community. The income we receive through sales is what will allow us to bring out the rest of the San Francisco training materials and finish week nine on the transcript. None of those projects can be finished without our communities financial support. We always say, "Share your experience, but buy your own copy of the materials."
IF: If someone is interested in being a part of the IFF DC, how can they get started?
JE: We're only able to bring these materials to the community because of the many people who volunteer their time, so we really depend on practitioners sharing their passion to preserve the work to make it all possible. If people are interested in being involved in projects and working with the materials, then we'd love to hear from. They can email Kai Schaper - the Materials Projects manager at iffarchive@feldenkrais-method.org. Tell him what particular interest and skills you have.

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Peggi Honig
9/22/2018 1:26:14 PM
An ideal way of continuing the learning. Also there are the radio lessons that several of us have continued to for more of Moshe's ATM, translated from Hebrew into English.

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