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Wednesday, October 19, 2016

Section: Creating Buzz

Work has begun on the new public website! Proposals are in and will be reviewed in the coming weeks. Our crack team of member writers have been revising outdated copy. We're working on a new logo and branding. CORR has identified subject areas we want to feature. It's all very exciting and we'd like you to be part of it. In order to have a dynamic and beautiful site, we need to keep it alive with imagery, resources, media, and content. Our culture of promotion has evolved greatly through the years, and many of you have created beautiful images and videos. We would love to feature some of that on the new website. 

What we'd love from you:
  • Pictures of you teaching - both ATM® and FI® lessons
  • Photos of your students doing the things that they love - whether it's dressage, ballet, hiking, or holding their grandchildren
  • Your wonderful videos
  • Testimonials from your students
Materials will need to be accompanied by a release form. Media will be selected based on quality and relevance. This will be a continual process, as we will want to rotate imagery regularly. If your work is featured on the website, it will always include a link to your website or contact info, so it's an opportunity to promote your work and increase your SEO. Email Carla with the materials you'd like to share!
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