Investing in My Future: How I Changed My Life One Feldenkrais® Lesson at a Time
Ira Feinstein, MFA
I could start this story off by saying that I began working with a Feldenkrais practitioner because of a repetitive stress injury, but that would be only partially true. The complete truth is that I sought out a practitioner because my life lacked color. I plotted through my days even though I had a lot going for me: a good job, good friends, a beautiful apartment in a lovely city, acceptance into a graduate program where I was going to focus on my dream of being a writer.

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Embodying Life
by: Cynthia Allen, GCFP



Russell Delman provides fresh insight into how the Feldenkrais Method can meet the needs of a changing world. In the 30 plus years since he began his study with Dr. Moshe Feldenkrais, he has trained over 2500 Feldenkrais practitioners around the world and maintained a private practice in California. Along with his wife, Linda (also a Feldenkrais Trainer), Russell developed the Feldenkrais-India Project teaching Mother Theresa's Sisters of Charity to work with brain-injured children. Russell's approach to his own life, steeped in Zen, Focusing and Gestalt Psychology, is ever present in his understanding of Dr. Feldenkrais.

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Stress, Learning, and the Feldenkrais Method
by: Chris Elms, GCFP



Life is a bowl of cherries, if you are a bowl filled with cherries. Otherwise there are elements of learning that at first might seem "stressful," and yet, once learned, are a sweet and ongoing part of life. For example, we come out of the womb, and the air thing: new. Stress. Lungs don't know how to breathe air. If we don't breathe air we die. New situation. Luckily we don't have cell phones to call up another baby and complain how stressed out we are. Instead, we handle it, learn to breathe, and another life begins, the life in air.

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Stand like Never Before
by: Ira Feinstein, MFA



IF: There has been a movement over the last decade to encourage people to stop sitting at work and start standing. From a Feldenkrais perspective, is standing really the silver bullet we’ve been told it is?

SB: We have a tendency in our culture to fear monger. A researcher will discover the horrible effects of “X,” and then we’re told to avoid it. Sitting is a great example of this, an activity that’s now referred to as “the new smoking.” We’ve been told not to sit, so we’ve started to stand. But what happens when people who have been sitting at a computer for 8 hours a day start to stand at their computer for 8 hours a day? Often the answer is pain.

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