Body Awareness, Musical Performance, & Artistic Rejuvenation
Alan Fraser, GCFP
Physical gesture sculpts sound

The body is the actor’s or dancer’s instrument. A dancer’s art lies in the gestures; an actor’s body language is as important to his art as is his speech. The Feldenkrais Method® refines their art by refining the gesture. Musicians, by contrast, use physical gesture to bring sound out of their instrument: the “shape” of the sound constitutes the musical art. The sounds, rather than the gestures themselves, act on the emotions. However, the link between the Method’s refining influence and the artistic result remains: improved physical organization has positive, precise effects on musical interpretation.

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Tango: The Art of Listening, Feeling and Relationship
by: Donna Gianell, GCFP



“Dance is the one expression involving the faculties on all levels:
spiritual, intellectual and physical.” – Plato

“When you take a step, rise, and fall like in breathing.

“Lengthen when you step out, and soften the knees and lower the body when the feet come together. You do the same thing when stepping to the side, and then bringing the other foot next to it.

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The Ball, the Bowl, and the Slinky
by: Barbara Young, GCFP



My journey exploring the connection between my head, pelvis, and spine—or the ball, the bowl, and the slinky as I like to imagine them--began with my own personal journey in the Amazon rainforest of Ecuador, spending time with an indigenous tribe. As our bus rumbled down the Avenue of the Volcanoes toward the edge of the rainforest, where a small plane would fly us deeper into the jungle, our group leader stood and turned towards us.

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How’s that Office Chair?
by: MaryBeth Smith, GCFP



SO — how IS your office chair? Individuals and companies spend countless hours researching the best ergonomic chairs and desks to enhance “worker productivity.” It is possible to spend hundreds of dollars on a highly rated set-up and still find that you are uncomfortable. Why? I’ll tell you what I tell my clients.

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