Stress, Learning, and the Feldenkrais Method
Chris Elms, GCFP
Life is a bowl of cherries, if you are a bowl filled with cherries. Otherwise there are elements of learning that at first might seem "stressful," and yet, once learned, are a sweet and ongoing part of life. For example, we come out of the womb, and the air thing: new. Stress. Lungs don't know how to breathe air. If we don't breathe air we die. New situation. Luckily we don't have cell phones to call up another baby and complain how stressed out we are. Instead, we handle it, learn to breathe, and another life begins, the life in air.

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Stand like Never Before
by: Ira Feinstein, MFA



IF: There has been a movement over the last decade to encourage people to stop sitting at work and start standing. From a Feldenkrais perspective, is standing really the silver bullet we’ve been told it is?

SB: We have a tendency in our culture to fear monger. A researcher will discover the horrible effects of “X,” and then we’re told to avoid it. Sitting is a great example of this, an activity that’s now referred to as “the new smoking.” We’ve been told not to sit, so we’ve started to stand. But what happens when people who have been sitting at a computer for 8 hours a day start to stand at their computer for 8 hours a day? Often the answer is pain.

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Posture or Acture?
by: Scott Forrester, GCFP



The idea of posture as good vertical standing is familiar to most everyone. The word "posture" originates from words that mean position or station and may be used to imply a static position. Although vertical posture is an important concept, Moshe Feldenkrais did not feel that the word was the best description of human function. He coined the term “acture.”

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New Country for Seniors: Effortless Golf, Tennis, and other Sports
by: John E. Franklin, DVM, GCFP



"Look, if we don’t know it already, chances are we aren’t interested in learning it."
The Milagro Bean Field War (movie)

An octogenarian with thirty-nine years of military service, Max maintained his own home and lawn. He walked daily for one to two hours with Gael, his standard poodle. Post-retirement, he'd taken up golf, playing at a local course in a senior’s league where the minimum age was sixty. Most of the ninety plus members of his group were in their seventies.

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