Section: The Classroom
Power Learning: The Feldenkrais Method in the Classroom
As a public school music teacher since 1986, I have always been interested in new ideas to help students learn. To stay on the cutting-edge of educational theory and techniques I attended educator conferences, staff development offerings, and summer courses. These courses, while helpful, were minimal in impact compared to the power of the Feldenkrais Method when applied to teaching in a classroom.

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Movement as a Model of Learning
"It has always been my dream to introduce Feldenkrais to the schools' main curriculum, as a subject in its own right," wrote Chava Shelhav, who has done extensive research on the Feldenkrais Method with children.

She has found that "the Feldenkrais Method offers a process of organic learning through action, thereby teaching the ability to learn, and not just learning to be taught."

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The Feldenkrais Method in the University: An Interview with Staffan Elgelid
Staffan Elgelid, GCFP, PhD, PT is on the Faculty at Arkansas State University, where he teaches Physical Therapy. SenseAbility asked him recently about using the Feldenkrais Method in an academic situation.

Sense: How did you get involved with teaching the Feldenkrais Method at a university?

SE: I was teaching part time and working on my Master's Thesis in the Physical Therapy Department at the University of Central Arkansas. I did my thesis on Feldenkrais and Self-Image and used students as subjects, so I would give Awareness Through Movement lessons to the students that were part of my study. Some students got interested in Feldenkrais and as I continued teaching we had discussions about Feldenkrais every now and then, but nothing organized.

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How Do You Write?
Here is a simple way to introduce movement into your classroom without disrupting the room. It is written for grades 1-4, but the idea can be adapted to older grades as well.