Section: Creativity
Movement as Muse
During the Feldenkrais Method lessons called Awareness Through Movement, we literally practice the skills most called into play in the creative process. How exactly does ATM prime the creative pump? It's a slippery process--it's as if we just fall into a creative mode without effort, and sometimes, even without intention.

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Creativity: A Joy Ride
I was most fortunate as a child to express myself creatively. As a toddler, my father, a painting contractor, often took me along on his jobs. Sometimes, he'd let me draw on his customers' walls before applying paint or wallpaper. Having the permission to express myself freely was a strong foundation in my artistic development, one that I later discovered could easily give way under pressure.

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Confusion and the Creative Process
What happens when you don't understand something? What is your reaction to confusion? Often my reactions are determined by how interested I am in learning and how curious I am in the moment. I can either shut down or open myself to the discomfort of not knowing. The desire to understand and be with the confusing aspects of my life experience drives my creative process and led me to create a book about the Feldenkrais Method of somatic education.
Musing on How to Access the Muse
Creativity demands access to a state of anarchy where 'not knowing' is no problem. Without the willingness to be in that state of uncertainty it's nigh impossible to tap into the muse. What do Awareness through Movement (ATM) lessons have to do with the ability to be creative? An ATM lesson, by definition, is an experiment, a process of systematically trying first a little bit of this, and a little bit of that, then, sitting back to appreciate the result. Does what you were left with seem to meld? Is there a sense of harmony or does the end result lacks congruence? You could be painting, or drawing, or writing, and the same values would apply. Reread the paragraph and substitute art for ATM lesson.
The How, the When, and the Where
Creativity is not limited to artists and performers, it can be developed by all of us in our everyday lives. How, when, and where do we get to explore this creativity? What do we mean when we talk about creativity? Are you a creative person? Do you know people who are creative?