Section: Flexibility
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Flexibility! When we think of flexibility, usually we think of a ballerina, a gymnast, or perhaps a martial artist doing a high kick. Certainly this is an important aspect of flexibility, and we address this extensively in the Feldenkrais Method.

However, Moshe Feldenkrais once stated that he wanted "Flexible minds, not flexible bodies," and that the object of his Method was to learn how to learn, both in movement and in meeting the challenges of life. How did he think that a method of movement education could accomplish this?

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Staying Flexible on the Road: An Awareness Through Movement Lesson
Traveling can cause stiffness and discomfort for many of us. The following small Awareness Through Movement sequence can help passengers maintain flexibility--whether on an airplane or in a car.

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Flexibility: More Than Just Touching Your Toes
As human beings, we develop through movement. But, once we are more or less functioning, we go on to other “important” stuff. We do not realize how much more room there is for improvement.

Through Feldenkrais Method lessons, we can give people the possibility, once again, to experiment with movement in a safe way, without prejudice, judgment nor competition, just to continue the learning from where it left off, and continue to polish it—and it can work wonders!