Section: The Shoulders
Rib "Cage" or Rib "Basket"?
Most of us grew up calling the bony structure that surrounds and protects the heart and lungs a "rib cage" but, is it constructed to be more of a cage or a basket? This is a very fundamental question because if you truly think of your thorax as a "cage," you might move with more rigidity. Terminology can affect our perception and performance.

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Shoulder Clock ATM Lesson
Lie on your right side and support your head with a pillow or your right arm. Rest your left hand on the floor in front of you with your elbow slightly bent. Bend your knees slightly to rest comfortably on your side.

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Helping People to Rediscover Their Arms
As a physical therapist that specializes with shoulders, I have seen problems following surgeries, accidents and poor usage. My training as a therapist has helped me find ways for people to jump-start their recovery but as a Feldenkrais practitioner, I have found ways to help them rediscover their arms.