Section: Stress
Stress, Learning, and the Feldenkrais Method
Life is a bowl of cherries, if you are a bowl filled with cherries. Otherwise there are elements of learning that at first might seem "stressful," and yet, once learned, are a sweet and ongoing part of life. For example, we come out of the womb, and the air thing: new. Stress. Lungs don't know how to breathe air. If we don't breathe air we die. New situation. Luckily we don't have cell phones to call up another baby and complain how stressed out we are. Instead, we handle it, learn to breathe, and another life begins, the life in air.

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Life is Problems: Stress Relief in a Stressed-Out Society
Life is, in essence, a series of problems. Our earliest problems are "Where's food? I'm hungry" or "I'm tired and need to sleep." We graduate to bigger problems: "How can I reach that cookie jar, way up there on the counter?" Pretty soon, we are solving problems like: "Do I ask him out on a date?"

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Recognize, Relax and Recover
Stress is a fact of everyday living -- it's here to stay, and we need to learn to recognize it. With more knowledge about how to relax, we can learn to recover from stress. Step One is increasing our awareness of the various stress factors in our lives and how stress manifests in our bodies. Some stresses are long-term and chronic--an unhappy job situation, financial worries, or difficult relationships, or perhaps you periodically suffer from allergies or food sensitivities that have plagued you for years.

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Three Easy "Peaces" for Deep Relaxation and Stress Relief
Take All the Time You Need for Each Breath

The whole world may be hurried, worried and harried, but you don't have to be. Here's a way to get yourself from rush hour to hush hour in no time flat.

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Our Bodily Stress Response and the Feldenkrais Method
Stress impacts the health of our body and mind--often in negative ways. The Feldenkrais Method offers a fun and effective way to improve the way that we deal with stress.

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Imaging Oneself into Existence: Recovering from the Trauma of War
Everybody's aging; Moshe Feldenkrais said that we get to choose how we age. The mind can become clearer, daily actions easier, and one can access improvements on a daily, hourly basis for oneself with regular Feldenkrais lessons.
NYPD Blue -- Through with Stress
As a community service, I have been teaching Awareness Through Movement lessons at several New York City precinct houses. My theme is "stress reduction and sounder sleep." The idea is to provide a helpful service to these dedicated people who serve and protect us night and day. This is the story of my first visit with the officers of the NYPD.