Section: Vision
Angry Eyes
Anyone who knows me well will tell you I don't hide my anger. I'd like to be all zen about situations, but something in my body possesses me if I perceive injustice, selfishness or just plain stupidity and a monster, kind of like the alien Sigourney Weaver had to battle in several movies, comes roaring out of my mouth.

I knew long ago that this sharp and volatile side of me was the result of growing up with sharp and volatile parents, one of whom had a very highly tuned sense of paranoia. But knowing the circumstances of my childhood would not rid me of the nuclear reactor in my nervous system.

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71 year old Says: Bye-Bye Glasses
I am a 71 year old man. By vocation a career massage therapist--NY State licensed and still working at that. I also drive a cab at night--40 hours a week--for the past four and one half years. Until a short time ago, I wore prescription eyeglasses for distance.

Recently, I took a mandatory eye test for renewal of my driver's license. The examination was given by a board certified ophthalmologist. To my astonishment, the testing conclusively revealed 20-20 vision in each eye and binocularly (with both eyes). Also, my eyes were very healthy, excepting for some age-related changes. How could this be? That my vision could be this good--returned to where I was at 21. What set of circumstances over a period of time might have brought this particular change?

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Invite All of You to Participate
"You are more than eyes." This was my response to a potential client who asked if his eyesight could be improved. Tom was born with cataracts on both eyes. These were removed in a series of operations between the age of three and six. This skewed the way he saw his environment and guided himself, as he learned to move. Thick glasses enabled Tom to go to school and to play catch with his father.

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The Importance of your Eyes to your Whole Body
Ever give up on doing something that was supposed to make your life better because, although it seemed to help a bit, it somehow fell short? Maybe it was sit-up exercises for a bad back, or eye exercises for nearsightedness, or lovemaking tips for a better marriage, or self-worth affirmation statements for success in sales. An outstanding example is prescription eyeglasses that do a fine job for reading the small print on the eye chart but are hard to live with because the rest of your body is left out.

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Why Strain to See?
I had been seeing Elizabeth for about a year. She had had a history of eye maladies---iritis (inflammation), cataract, and astigmatism. After getting a second opinion on her cataract, she opted for surgery. She was feeling very anxious about the surgery and this only added to the strain that she was already feeling in her neck, jaw, shoulders, and eyes.

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Roll Your Eyes, Change Your World
Imagine yourself as a complex switchboard of circuitry. Over time, as you have developed certain habits, particular wires have been connected to specific jacks in the board. Some connections might be looser than others, and we can easily replug those wires into new jacks. As I discovered during my Feldenkrais training, it turns out I can quite comfortably use utensils with my non-dominant hand, despite believing I could not.

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A book, a table, a leaf, and an old man
The book hit me in the crotch. I was rolling around on the floor with my foot toward the ceiling and the offending book, no longer balanced on the sole of my foot, slipped and fell. I hardly noticed the "ouch" because - as is the nature of pain - what I was engaged in doing overrode it. This process of trying to keep the book on my foot while rolling from my back to my stomach was just way too interesting to be distracted by mere pain.

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The Functioning of the Eyes and the Rest of Yourself
Paul came to me for lessons complaining of pain in his lower back. What I noticed early on is that in standing and sitting he held himself in a very asymmetrical way with his right shoulder slumped and pulled forward. Paul had told me that he had been a baseball pitcher in high school and college and I assumed, too quickly as it turned out, that this activity was responsible for Paul’s pattern which I also assumed was connected to his experiencing the pain he complained about. Paul also told me that from early childhood he had trouble focusing his eyes together and for distance seeing, he suppressed the vision of his left eye to avoid seeing double images. He could not see in depth as a result. Since I was not very familiar with working with the eyes, I didn’t pay much attention to this part of what he told me.
The Eyes Have It
Sabine Thompson does translation work on a freelance basis. She spends many hours in front of a word processor and feels the strain on her eyes. "I can start without my glasses but sometimes during the day, my eyes start to blur so I need to put them on." She has found Awareness Through Movement lessons involving the eyes to be particularly useful.