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Teaching All Dogs New Tricks
I love it when worlds overlap. At the beginning of my professional Feldenkrais practitioner training, our teacher commented on a phenomena he sees repeatedly over the course of training after training: "Students become more and more themselves." Now I am poised to enter my fourth and final year having discovered that dog training was a personal potential, and field of concurrent study, waiting to emerge.

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Helping the Older Dog Move Easily Again
Is your older dog starting to slow down? Is her back getting round and stiff? While stiffness and lack of stamina may be common effects of canine and feline aging, the Feldenkrais Method may reduce these debilitating effects. Read on to learn how a senior dog regained the spring in her step.

The black and tan dog looked like an adorable cross between a Beagle and a German shepherd. Her name was Princess, and she walked with mincing steps into my office, her lower back rounded as if in pain.

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The Tale of the Lame Paw
Diane was coming for private lessons to learn to eliminate chronic back pain. She also attended classes and was enthusiastic about her progress.

One day, she asked me if I worked with animals and mentioned that her one-year-old dog Scamp had been struck by a car a month earlier and was lame. I had never worked with animals and repeatedly declined the invitation to work with him. " I have no experience with animals," I said, "I don't feel qualified."

Three weeks later, she arrived for her scheduled session with Scamp who had been getting worse. He trotted around on three legs but would often try to put weight on his left front paw which hung limply. The paw had been getting twisted and lacerated, hurting him even more. Diane explained that after several visits to the vet to attend to these additional injuries, her vet had declared the paw a nuisance and insisted on amputating it.

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