Section: Neuroplasticity
Touching Changes
The excitement has been palpable. Earlier this year, physician Norman Doidge released his second book, THE BRAIN'S WAY OF HEALING. He shares the stories of people with brain conditions including chronic pain, autism, developmental delay, and stroke.

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Neuroplasticity and The Feldenkrais Method
Your brain loves to learn. In fact it thrives on acquiring new skills such as playing a musical instrument, learning a new dance or a new language. Your brain also thrives when engaged in an inner awareness activity, like meditation or a Feldenkrais Awareness Through Movement lesson.

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Your Brain, Neuroplasticity, & the Feldenkrais Method
For anyone who has ever worked with a Feldenkrais practitioner, you may have discovered that the Feldenkrais Method works, but you may not know how it works. For those who are curious, it works because the brain is plastic - meaning, it is malleable. According to, the definition of neuroplasticity is "the brain's amazing capacity to change and adapt. It refers to the physiological changes in the brain that happen as the result of our interactions with our environment. From the time the brain begins to develop in utero until the day we die, the connections among the cells in our brains reorganize in response to our changing needs. This dynamic process allows us to learn from and adapt to different experiences."

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A Chihuahua Overcomes a Paralyzing Stroke
Alighting from the Cadillac, Marion placed the small bundle gently in my arms. As I looked down, all I could see was a tiny tan head peeking out of the swaddling. Wrapped safely inside the blanket was Marion's precious companion, Chilee the Chihuahua, who had suffered a stroke 18 days before. Marion explained that the little dog's right legs were paralyzed and he was unable to stand. Since the Chihuahua had not improved at all despite his veterinarian's best efforts, euthanasia was suggested. But Marion was determined to give her dog another chance to recover, so she left the animal hospital and brought Chilee straight to me.

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