Become an Assistant Trainer

Assistant Trainer Application Guidelines

Becoming an Assistant Trainer of the Feldenkrais Method® is an honor and an opportunity. The application process is designed to help you grow as you review your career so far. It invites you to reflect on your successes and your areas that need growth. The process may seem daunting on first read, but know that there are people ready to support you through the process. Don’t hesitate to contact
Here's What You'll Need:

1. Graduation from a TAB Accredited FPTP.

2. A minimum of five years experience in professional Feldenkrais® practice in providing both ATM® and FI® lessons, (as defined in #6).
3. An average of 20 hours per year of advanced training since graduation. Please list days and hours.
4. A list of FI lessons recieved since graduation from an FPTP:

- A minimum of 5 FI lessons from Trainers and 10 from Assistant Trainers or from experienced practitioners (those with 10 years of full time practice) for a total of 15. Please write about what you have learned from these lessons. 

- A minimum of another 15 FI lessons recieved from other practitioners/teachers. 

5. Membership in a Feldenkrais Guild or Association recognized as a full member of the International Feldenkrais Federation. (Membership must be maintained to continue your assistant trainer status.)
The Training Accreditation Boards recogize that individual Feldenkrais Method practices may vary greatly in emphasis, content, and geographical mobility. We are looking for a clear profile of a substantial Feldenkrais Method practice and evidence of your readiness to be an Assistant Trainer. As such, the following are recommendations, but not required to the letter: 

6. 2-3 ATM classes per week for six months per year, 60-70 hours of ATM instruction per year, including: 

- Substantial time teaching ATM classes: this may also include 1:1 ATM instruction
- 600 FI lessons per year over a five year period or more
- 2-3 workshops per year
- 5 presentations per year

7. Attendance in a FPTP other than your own. In order to strengthen your overall application profile, we recommend participating in a Feldenkrais training program beyond the one from which you graduated, for a significant time before submitting your application for Assistant Trainer. We encourage applicants to have experience as an FI lesson "giver" or "practitioner-assistant" in training. Please describe your experience, listing trainings, and days attending, etc. 

​Please include with your application:
8. Documentation of items 1 - 7

9. Complete curriculum vitae, including knowledge and experience in related areas useful in presenting the Feldenkrais Method against a broad and varied background. 

10. A complete description of your Feldenkrais practice including number of FI and ATM lessons, and workshops per year; a description of presentations, conferences, lectures and presence in the media each year; a discussion of the age groups, types of people and types of difficulties encountered. 

11. A presentation of at least three (3) case studies of your work with individuals. Include at least one case study of a series of lessons with one person. Also include one example of a lesson or series that was not a success. Use the suggestions in the NATAB Guidelines for writing a case studies, see below. 
Each case study should be at least 2 pages long.

12. A presentation of your experience with groups, showing your ability to present the Feldenkrais Method to a group, demonstrating communication skills and your knowledge of how creating learning experiences (a minimum of at least one, one page in length.) 

13. A discussion of how you perceive yourself as a teacher and why you want to become an assistant trainer.

14. If you continue to practice another profession, or if you integrate another method into your Feldenkrais practice, please include a full description of how this affects your practice and what influence the other method has in your work and practice. Describe how you differentiate and distinguish your practice.

15. Samples of your advertising.  

16. Letters of recommendation. Please include 2 - 3 letters of recommendation from people who have experienced your work. These letters can come from a variety of sources, such as your students, assistant trainers, trainers or fellow practitioners. The letters should specifically address your skills as a Feldenkrais teacher. We suggest that there be two (2) recommendations from trainers who know your work. 

17. The fee of $450 to be submitted with the application. There will be no refunds if the application is not approved. The fee for a second application will be half the original fee. 

18. Include documentation of all credentials you use e.g.: M.A., Ph.D., R.N., P.T., etc. 

19. Please include a recent photo of yourself.

20. We are looking for an overall profile of practice and performance; we look for quality, rather than strictly quantity. Therefore, you are encouraged to write a personal statement which represents your thinking, knowing, doing, evolution and growth in the Method over the years as practitioner. Please include a description of the difficulties you encounter in your thinking and working and what you are doing or plan to do vis-a-vis them. 

21. Continuing education for Assistant Trainers: It is highly recommended that you pursue educational opportunities beyond those required for maintaining Guild Certification. You may consider organizing and coordinating any of the following opportunities with fellow Assistant Trainers, so that you can learn in an environment which explores your common needs, levels and questions:
  • Continuing education just for Assistant Trainers
  • Viewing the Amherst videos
  • Mentorship with a trainer
  • 5 days advanced training with a trainer
  • Regional study groups attend training forum
  • Curriculum oriented study, i.e. how to design training curriculum, how is basic FI taught in trainings
For applications submitted to NATAB, any confirmed ethics violation and related disciplinary actions currently in place will also be considered. 

Appeal - Any decision or action of the North American Training Accreditation Board may be appealed to the Board of Directors of the Feldenkrais Guild of North America, in writing. The secretary or assigned staff person will respond to the request for an appeal within 30 days of receipt, giving the date for a hearing. The Board will begin to hear the appeal within 60 days of receipt of the request.  

Precedence of Bylaws - The terms and conditions of the Bylaws shall take precedence over and govern in the event of conflict between the terms and conditions of the Policy and the terms and conditions of the Bylaws. 

Last Revised May 24, 2021 by FGNA Board of Directors
Adopted 1997 by FGNA Board of Directors

Case Studies Guidelines
Case studies are an important component, and often the most challenging part of an application. The Case Study Guidelines include helpful guidance from NATAB.    
Assistant Trainer Application Process 

Application fee: $450 USD
  1. Prepare application including items listed in policy "Guidelines for Certification as a Feldenkrais Assistant Trainer"
  2. Submit application electronically to the NATAB Administrator:
  3. After your application has been submitted, you will receive an invoice with payment instructions. Please do not submit payment until you receive an invoice.
  4. Applications will be reviewed in the order they have been received.
  5. The review of Assistant Trainer applications is usually completed within 6 months.
Questions? Email NATAB Administrator: or call 781-876-8935 ext. 4