ATM Pilot Project Training Programs

Requirements for Pilot Project ATM Teacher Training Programs

ATM Pilot Project Training Programs Announcement

Invitation to Submit an Application for a Pilot Project ATM® Teacher Training Program

Deadline June 30, 2021
The FGNA Board of Directors has approved requirements for up to six Pilot Project Awareness Through Movement® Teacher Training Programs in North America, preparing graduates to qualify to become FGNA Certified Feldenkrais Awareness Through Movement TeachersCM. (See link to requirements, above.)
The purpose of these pilot projects is to offer professional training programs that will produce strong, competent and confident ATM teachers.
NATAB is now welcoming applications for accreditation.
To help us plan, please send us a brief email to the following addresses, so that we get a sense of how many applications we may be receiving:,
Please submit your application on or before June 30, 2021.

We will begin reviewing applications as soon as they are received. Please use application form links on this page.
You are welcome to submit an application prior to the deadline.

We expect there may be some back-and-forth discussions to ensure that your application is complete and that questions are resolved.
Each pilot project will need to meet and comply with the program standards and other requirements stated in the pilot project policy.
Please note that your application will need to include (among other things):

  • an educational plan which is based on the expected outcomes that you have identified for the training program.

  • plans for assessment as specified in the policy.

Here are some specific elements about the application process, from the policy:
Application process:
After the application is reviewed for completeness, NATAB will convene a review group to consider the viability of the educational and trainee assessment plans, qualifications and supervision of the teaching staff, and logistics. NATAB will consider the review group’s report, whether the application meets pilot requirements, and the overall viability of the program. NATAB will request additional information or clarification if needed, and will inform the applicant when a decision has been reached.
Requests for Exceptions:
Pilot project applicants may request approval of an exception to the requirements of this policy, and must provide in detail the rationale for the exception and how its effectiveness would be evaluated.