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Legal Protection

Join our community of professionals and find the support you need to have a thriving and successful practice that also protects the integrity of your profession.

Did you know that in Spain and Germany, there is no service mark protection? There, anyone can take a few classes and call themselves a Feldenkrais practitioner, creating confusion and difficulty for Practitioners who have graduated from accredited training programs, and for the public.

FGNA protects members by actively protecting the use of service marks.

FGNA monitors relevant legislation for you. In states that have tried to limit practitioners via massage and physical therapy licensure requirements. FGNA has fought and won in over 25 states to protect practitioners’ right to practice. Your membership dues go to pay for research, legal fees and more so that you can continue to be exempt from over-reaching massage laws.

Liability Insurance

If you practice, you need insurance. FGNA can provide Members with professional liability insurance through HPSO for a reasonable cost.

Professional Support

Members receive four publications:

The Feldenkrais JournalTM – a peer reviewed printed publication, also available digitally
In Touch – our professional magazine with articles to support your practice and enhance your learning
SenseAbility – our public newsletter with articles you can share with your students
Guild News – monthly updates about the Guild, events and members

IFF (International Feldenkrais Federation) Resources

Members have access to:
  • Photos
  • Videos of lessons
  • Videos of Amherst training
  • Alexander Yanai lessons
  • Professional videos
  • The IFF Logo  
  • And more

Professional Development: 

  • PR photos, brochures and other marketing materials
  • An online directory and event listing service on
  • Learning Resources – an entire database of articles, classes, connections and support to help you continue learning and building your practice.
  • Logos: Only members and certified practitioners are authorized to use FGNA’s Feldenkrais Method logo. Only members may use the IFF logos.


All members belong to a Region with a Representative working to bring you resources, trainings at a reasonable cost and special events.

Conference Discount

This annual gathering offers workshops with internationally renowned teachers as well as local practitioners. It’s an opportunity to connect with your community, your Region and your colleagues.

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