Our Service Marks at Your Fingertips!

FGNA's service marks and your right to practice are inextricably linked. The practice of the Feldenkrais Method® is exempt from massage therapy licensure requirements in the majority of states because we have been able to demonstrate to legislatures that practitioners and trainees must receive authorization from FGNA in order to use our service marks.

When you use FGNA's service marks, you're helping spread the word about the Feldenkrais Method and the standards that our service marks represent.

Have you reviewed the guidelines and requirements for using the service marks lately?

In 2016 the Board of Directors updated requirements for use of the service marks in events and in 2017 the Board authorized the use of the new Feldenkrais Method logo by Guild Certified Feldenkrais PractitionersCM and Authorized Trainee ATM® Teachers.  

Now you can find all the information you need at